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Celigo Yahoo! Connector for NetSuite

The Celigo Yahoo! Connector for NetSuite is a subscription-based Integration-as-a-Service product which provides a real-time integration between NetSuite and Yahoo! Merchant Solutions (formerly called Yahoo! Stores). Using the Yahoo! Connector, a Yahoo! store can be used as an external web store that integrates seamlessly with the NetSuite back office. Powered by the Celigo Integrator, the Yahoo! Connector runs entirely within your NetSuite account-in full accord with NetSuite's one system, no limits philosophy.

Business Problems Solved:

  • Sales Order Import: Controlled from your Yahoo! Store Manager, orders can be imported as they occur in real-time or on a batch basis. Orders are associated with a customer in NetSuite; new customers are created on the fly if they don't already exist in NetSuite.
  • Real Time Inventory Lookup: As shoppers add items to their carts, NetSuite inventory levels are looked up and validated for adequate quantities.


  • NetSuite User Interface: Provides a user interface implemented directly within your NetSuite account (custom dashboard and control panel) that allows you to manage the entire integration (configuration, mapping, and monitoring) from within your NetSuite account .
  • On-Demand: Designed to run as a subscription-based Celigo-hosted service (i.e., Integration-as-as-Service), keeping in line with NetSuite’s Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model.

Solution Celigo Yahoo! Connector for NetSuite
SuiteFlex Partner Name Celigo, Inc
Categories Application Integration
Pricing One-time Setup Fee of $2,500, Annual subscription of $150/month
Web site http://www.celigo.com/yahoo-netsuite-connector.html
System Requirements NetSuite account, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions account, standard web browser.
Availability Current
Contact sales@celigo.com



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