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Adeptia, Inc.

Adeptia offers an easy to deploy and cost-effective solution for integrating data with NetSuite platform and so allows small and mid-sized companies to maximize the value of their NetSuite investment. This improves access to critical business information by giving our customers the ability to efficiently move data into and out of NetSuite. By using pre-built connections, the integration interfaces with NetSuite can be deployed in hours or days saving up to 75% in cost and time compared with other approaches and solutions.

Adeptia's NetSuite Integration Accelerator is a bridge between the hosted NetSuite CRM application and your organization's other on-demand or on-premise systems such as Website, ERP, Accounting, Inventory, Order Management, Data Warehouse applications etc. Adeptia also helps integrate your partners and suppliers directly with NetSuite either thru EDI and/or XML.

Adeptia is unique and provides next-generation integration capability because it takes a process-centric and SOA-based approach to integration. This solution, for the first time in a single product, allows companies to automate complete business processes including workflow tasks that involve integration with NetSuite. Adeptia's BPM capability allows automating a business process where interfacing with NetSuite.com is only one of the many tasks involved in overall process.

Adeptia's solution is ideal for companies trying to integrate with NetSuite.com because it offers:

  • Ease of Use, Code-free approach: Graphical, point-and-click approach to creating and deploying integration flows. No custom coding required.
  • Quick deployment: Adeptia accelerator includes pre-built flows, templates and connectors that just need to be configured.
  • Reliable connectivity to many applications and data formats.
  • Process-centric, SOA-based approach that allows automation of a business process involving NetSuite.com rather than just moving of data.
  • No hardware or appliances need to be purchased, setup and managed. Adeptia requires just a quick software download and install on any computer.
  • Attractive Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model lowers initial investment and risk.
  • Adeptia leverages the NetSuite SuiteTalk Web Services API for this solution

Solution Adeptia Integration Accelerator for Netsuite
SuiteFlex Partner Name Adeptia
Categories Application Integration, EDI
Pricing Starts at $500/month
Web site http://www.adeptia.com/solutions/netsuite_integration_accelerator.html
System Requirements Windows, Linux, Solaris. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.
Availability Current, worldwide
Trial http://www.adeptia.com/cgi-local/adp_download_netsuite_integration.cgi
Demo http://www.adeptia.com/cgi-local/adp_demo_netsuite_integration.cgi



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