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The Top 5 Reasons Companies are Leaving Great Plains

Companies in just about every industry are leaving Microsoft Dynamics GP's (Great Plains) antiquated architecture and bloated cost structure behind. Today's businesses want more—they're moving to the modern, integrated, web-native and cloud-based simplicity of NetSuite. Here's why:

Integrated Suite that Streamlines Business Processes

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) forces companies in most cases to manage their business on separate on-premise software packages—one for accounting, one for sales force management, one for ecommerce, one for service management, and often, one for warehousing—an approach that requires costly integration to get them to work together. The cost of implementation, integration and on-going application maintenance in such environments can be many times the cost of the software itself.

What's more, patching together products can result in multiple islands of data and expensive integration projects that often don't work the way you want. Many of our customers tell us that with Microsoft Dynamics GP, information often must be manually re-entered or batched into other applications—costing time and money. You can end up managing your business on incomplete information and guesswork.

In contrast, NetSuite integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce capabilities in a single on-demand application, with editions tailored for specific industries.

Within a single, powerful application, NetSuite combines complete customer-facing CRM and ecommerce capabilities with back-office accounting/ERP and self-service portals for partners. As a result, it allows companies to unite fragmented data and automate processes from end to end. Your employees no longer have to re-enter data in different systems, rectify inconsistent or inaccurate data, or wait for batch updates.

NetSuite provides built-in functionality that Microsoft Dynamics GP just doesn't offer. NetSuite provides you with one system for business process management and real-time visibility. Our customers tell us that use of NetSuite results in smarter, faster decision-making.

Real-Time Financial and Operational Visibility

With deployment of disparate systems in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics GP, your business data is often spread across multiple departments, resulting in a lack of real-time visibility across key metrics needed to optimise business operations.

In contrast, NetSuite holds all corporate data in a single database, giving you access to your key performance metrics on a customisable, real-time dashboard. As a result, NetSuite enables you to make better, faster decisions. Employees can view and share accurate data in real time, leading to greater collaboration among departments and increased productivity across your business. In addition, full visibility into unified customer records results in more efficient and highly personalised sales, fulfillment, and service processes.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Microsoft Dynamics GP can prove to be an expensive and time-consuming business solution—both in the long and short term. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, customers pay large fees upfront for the software and implementation. But the costs don't end there. Many of our customers who have switched from Microsoft Dynamics GP tell us that the escalating costs and complexity of running their business software environment using Microsoft Dynamics GP was a key reason for their defection.

For example, Microsoft Dynamics GP requires that you manage the hardware, servers, and databases, in addition to upgrading, troubleshooting, and maintaining the applications—that's unless you want to pay a third party even more money to try managing it for you. You will have to spend the time and internal resources to accomplish an upgrade, or hire an expensive external contractor once a year or more to do it, if you want to keep your software current. This can be very expensive.

And if you're thinking of paying more to run Microsoft Dynamics GP delivered as a hosted solution, then you need to know how a specific Microsoft VARs proprietary add-on hosting service compares with NetSuite's data center and web-native SaaS application. With NetSuite you get a data center that has rigorous financial and security certifications including SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS and EU-Safe Harbor compliance. You get uptime guarantees with a 99.5% Service Level Commitment and availability transparency published at You get an application that's upgraded twice a year—automatically. And you get a solution that's designed for the web and is 100% browser-based so you can securely access it from anywhere.

NetSuite is delivered as a web-native Software as a Service (SaaS) application as standard and at no additional cost to you, With NetSuite the cost of integrating disparate systems is eliminated, and there is no on-going cost of maintaining on-premise applications. You pay by the number of users per month. NetSuite manages your application, upgrades the software, and provides Service Level Commitments together with reliable back-ups and restores as standard.

Ease of Implementation, Customisation, Maintenance and Use

Today's rendition of Microsoft Dynamics GP is built on the foundation of a product designed in Fargo, North Dakota and released 17 years ago, well before the launch of Microsoft Internet Explorer and the founding of Netscape—the company that pioneered and commercialised the Internet browser. NetSuite, on the other hand, was designed with the Internet at its core, as a browser-based, web-native application from day one. NetSuite today is the fastest-growing financial management application of the top 10 (Source: Gartner Group).

A Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation can cost one to one-and-half-times the purchase price of the software itself or even more. Microsoft Dynamics GP can become hard to upgrade when dealing with customisations specific to your business and integrations with other solutions, such as sales force management and ecommerce. Add to that the resources required to maintain it.

With NetSuite, implementations are both faster and less expensive than with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Advanced customisation capabilities allow you to tailor NetSuite to your business practices–and migrate easily with upgrades. There's no maintenance to worry about. And because NetSuite is 100% web-native, you can access it from anywhere–all you need to do is open your browser, log on and use the application.

NetSuite and its partners also provide leading-edge professional services and educational programs that ensure efficient implementation and continued, long-term success.

Built-In Multi-Subsidiary Management and Financial Consolidation

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) can consolidate multinational financial information for month-end reporting if you run separate Great Plains accounts and use external reporting tools, but that's about it. In contrast, NetSuite OneWorld is the first and only on-demand system to deliver real-time global business management, financial consolidation and visibility to multinational, multi-subsidiary companies.

With NetSuite OneWorld, you can manage companies with multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities all from a single NetSuite account, seamlessly handling different currencies, taxation rules, and reporting requirements. You get instant visibility into overall performance and the performance of all subsidiaries and geographies. Individual users at the local level get an application in their language and can transact in the local currency with local taxes and financial compliance fully enforced.

What Customers Are Saying

Kardia Health Systems
"Microsoft Great Plains is good for bookkeepers and accountants but not business partners. In this day and age companies need their financial talent to be business partners. Microsoft Great Plains provides you with the basic financial information, but it will not show you the facts behind what is driving results. With NetSuite I can drill down on the numbers, see the history, even the actual documents and get the facts. That's information at my fingertips that you don't get with Microsoft Great Plains. Factual information is actionable information and allows the company's key stakeholders to make the best decisions possible."

—Tom Kelly, CFO, Kardia Health Systems

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"When we ran on Great Plains, we could only get a report out of the office once a month, and not everybody had access to the system because the per-user cost were so high. NetSuite has not only made things easier, but more accessible as well."

—Kevin Harding, Director IT, Imagine!

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Formerly known as Dorlastan, Asahi Kasei Spandex America is a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Fibers. The company, which manufactures poly-elastane filament fibers used in textiles, is based in Charleston, S.C.

"We were spending 3% of our revenue on SAP. By switching to NetSuite, we reduced that cost to 0.1% of revenue," says David Stover, Chief Financial Officer, Asahi Kasai. "We're 'slaves to fashion' here. When fashion changes, we've got to change quickly. And SAP wasn't conducive to those changes. SAP is a dictated business strategy whereas NetSuite is an open strategy."

When added up, Stover says the company is saving about $1 million per year by switching to NetSuite. "It's not only the system itself but also the infrastructure that was required with SAP. All that stuff goes away with NetSuite. All I really need is the Internet provider."
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Distribution Video & Audio
"We had worked to implement Great Plains starting in 2003, but $60,000 later, the system was never fully implemented and the company was at a crossroads. Our staff was in confusion. It was like SAP all over again. With Great Plains and SAP before it, we were always writing custom code, which can go on forever. We were looking at another $30,000 to $40,000 just to get Great Plains up and running, and there were no guarantees. In addition, we estimated costs would have tripled when factoring in a new CRM package and e-commerce system to accompany Great Plains. We knew that we had to get on a single system, and that's where NetSuite finally came into the picture."

—Brad Kugler, CEO, Distribution Video & Audio

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