The #1 Cloud-Based ERP/Financial Suite for Media and Publishing Companies

NetSuite is the only cloud-based integrated business suite for new media, publishing, advertising and creative services companies.

Key Benefits

  • Run your media business more effectively with flexible and easy-to-use cloud business management for financials, sales, service and analytics
  • Improve the performance of your media sales team by effectively tracking advertising sales opportunities throughout the lead process, and then forecasting advertising revenue
  • Simplify and accelerate the insertion order process; speed lead-to-cash processes; and become easier to do business with
  • Streamline billing processes with end-to-end process integration that removes redundancy, reduces errors and minimizes manual effort
  • Grow your subscriber base with advanced renewal management, while a single view of each customer lets you provide enhanced service
  • Track advertising performance from insertion order through to invoicing.
  • Complete Business Management Solution

    With a single application, unify business processes across your entire media/publishing business from lead to insertion order through to invoicing; increase your visibility into financial and operational performance; and improve the agility of your business.


  • Media Sales Opportunity Management

    Manage advertising leads and track their progress through to a finalized insertion order. Provide visibility into media sales at the executive and corporate levels, enabling you to efficiently build and manage a comprehensive multi-property and multi-geography advertising sales forecast.


  • End-to-End Insertion Order Management

    Improve the speed and efficiency of sales-to-cash processes, accelerate cash flow, and make your media company easier to do business with. Manage and simplify the entire insertion order process—from lead to sale through to advertiser invoicing—and eliminate old, manually intensive processes. Streamline complex multi-line item insertion orders, and track insertion order performance across media properties in real time.


  • Revenue Recognition Management

    Remove spreadsheets and risk from the revenue recognition process, by flexibly, reliably and efficiently managing multiple revenue recognition schedules across complex multi-line item insertion orders. Easily manage revenue recognition schedules based on different revenue types and items, and track deferred revenue in real time.


  • Comprehensive Advertiser Billing and Invoicing

    Ensure accurate, transparent and timely invoicing of advertisers—whether you bill up front or invoice at the end of the advertising campaign. Flexible, built-in billing and invoicing capabilities enable you to easily adjust the type and frequency of invoices based on the needs of the advertiser and your business.


  • Real-Time Media Performance Dashboards

    Monitor and analyze ad sales and performance, revenue, circulations, site visitors, marketing effectiveness and more with customizable, highly visual dashboards, intelligent alerts and comprehensive business reports. Provide the insight you need to craft your media strategy and identify clear opportunities for new media properties. 


  • Integrate with and Tailor to Key Advertising Networks

    Tie your business closely to your revenue sources by integrating with common advertising networks. Leverage NetSuite's powerful SuiteCloud integration platform to track the performance of individual display ads or campaigns and tie them back to your financials and advertiser invoicing as required.  


  • Multi-Property, Multi-Subsidiary, Multi-Currency Management

    Manage the financials of multiple properties across different geographies and currencies. Book and invoice insertion orders in the local currency, and view your overall financial and operational performance across properties and regions at the corporate level, with complete drill-down visibility.


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