NetSuite Lets Educators Focus on the Core Mission

Sharp declines in public funding, increased competition for limited grants and donors, and lower enrollment has led educational institutions to carefully consider how their limited dollars are spent.

NetSuite's cloud business management suite, used by 16,000+ organisations across the globe, enables educational institutions and learning organisations to meet their unique needs with a single, powerful application and not spend the bulk of their IT budgets on maintaining and updating existing infrastructure.

Key Benefits for Educational and Learning Institutions Running on NetSuite

  • Cut IT Costs*
    • 50% savings in IT costs compared to on-premise ERP
    • 50%–70% reduction in operations cost
    • 10% implementation effort vs. typical ERP
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Browser and mobile access lets you access NetSuite from anywhere at any time.
  • Minimise administrative overhead: NetSuite's end-to-end process integration minimises complexity and redundancy common in educational and learning institutions while reducing errors and manual effort.
  • Streamline reporting and compliance: NetSuite simplifies and facilitates compliance by supporting internal controls and providing accurate real-time reporting with a complete set of audit trails.
  • Unprecedented visibility for better decision-making: Customisable role-based dashboards provide real-time access to key performance metrics, supporting intelligent, timely decisions across your entire organisation.

Explore NetSuite Capabilities

  • Complete Financial Management

    Proven financial management that includes general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed asset management, multi-currency management, revenue recognition, revenue management, financial reporting and more.

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  • Integrated Budgeting and Forecasting

    NetSuite delivers collaborative budgeting, planning and "what-if" modeling capabilities, completely integrated with core financials to drive strategy, planning and execution.

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  • Financial Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting

    NetSuite equips educational and learning institutions with real-time, role-based dashboards and summary-to-detail financial analytics, scorecards and reporting.

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  • Customer Relationship Management

    NetSuite gives educational and learning institutions a single repository of student interaction and transaction records generated across multiple touchpoints for a complete 360-degree view.

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(*Nucleus Research—cost savings not specific to educational institutions)

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