Multi-Channel Commerce

Streamline and Grow Your Multi-Channel, Multi-Location Business

NetSuite is the first and only on-demand software suite to link every step of your multi-channel, multi-location retail business—from marketing and sales to inventory and financials. Manage both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores with a single application, seamlessly connecting all channels for unprecedented visibility into your business. You'll streamline operations, manage your inventory better, and improve customers' shopping experience no matter what channel they purchase from.

Getting your multi-channel strategy right pays off. Multi-channel shoppers spend 30% more than single-channel shoppers, according to Forrester Research. With NetSuite, you can sell through more channels with less overhead and get closer to your customers.


  • Manage all business processes in the retail lifecycle from end to end, including e-commerce, retail point of sale (POS), inventory, store and terminal management, accounting, returns, marketing, pickup and delivery, and support
  • Manage all of your sales channels and back-end operations with one system in real-time at the store, region, or company level
  • Get a single view of each customer across all channels with NetSuite's customisable dashboard
  • Manage your businesses by key metrics and make timely, fact-based course corrections in real time with dashboard analytics ranging from inventory and sales reports to expenses and marketing campaign ROI
  • Use NetSuite's extensive marketing campaign and promotional capabilities to help you find new customers, encourage repeat business, and increase average sale size.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Location Management

    • Track inventory, orders and customers across multiple online and brick-and-mortar channels
    • Create a website, publish eBay listings, and integrate all of the information with your retail outlets
    • Give your customers a better shopping experience—NetSuite lets them buy from one channel, pick up from another, and make returns to a third—something no other system supports.
  • 360-View of Customers

    • See customers' purchase history, shipping addresses and communications with your company, whether they interacted with an online store or an offline one
    • Provide personalised marketing to your customers based on their purchase history or demographics
    • Offer customers self-service options to view their order history online, reorder and find answers to their own questions 24/7
    • Provide customers with shipping labels from UPS, FedEx® or USPS, and automatically retrieve and forward package tracking information.
  • Website Integration

    • Deliver an intuitive, "" experience to your customers
    • Build a high-impact website from the ground up with simple-to-use tools, or simply integrate your existing site.
  • Business Analytics

    • Find out which items are selling better in each channel, and update inventory and pricing accordingly
    • View the profitability of stores, customers and products
    • View statistics as key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical report snapshots, trend graphs, and KPI scorecards in real time.
  • Campaign and Promotion Management

    • Create and execute highly targeted, personalised email campaigns within NetSuite, as well as manage paid and online search and affiliate marketing
    • Use closed-loop marketing to see revenues, costs and return on investment (ROI) for all campaigns in real time
    • Offer add-on products at the register or in the webstore with NetSuite's automated up-sell and cross-sell functionality
    • Offer promotions such as multiple discounts, volume pricing and customer-specific discounts.

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