NetSuite for Advertising, Digital Marketing and Market Research Agencies

Maintain Your Creative Culture while Streamlining Agency Workflow and Project-based Accounting

Is your agency running on a mishmash of disparate management and billing systems? Is your compensation shifting from retainers and mark-ups to fee- and performance-based revenue? Do you need to streamline agency workflow and collect revenue faster to maximise profitability?

With NetSuite's project and financial management solutions, your advertising, digital marketing, or market research agency can improve efficiency, gain greater control over costs and increase profitability without restricting creative juices. In fact, since many agency workflows are automated and information and insights more readily available, you can free up time for your team to spend on delighting their clients and winning new accounts.

Learn more about NetSuite ERP and NetSuite OpenAir, our services automation module. Or learn about a specific feature—Project Management, Resource Management, Time Tracking, Expense Tracking, Reporting/Dashboards and Invoicing.

Key Benefits

  • Win more profitable business: Imagine having access not only to prospect contacts but also to similar reference clients at your fingertips. Combine that with project documents as well as timelines, resources, costs and profitability of similar past projects. With this integrated information available in NetSuite ERP, your business development teams and account managers can generate quotes with higher profit margins and know when they have room to negotiate to win a deal.

  • Easily manage traffic: For success, each project needs to link its own mix of needs for agency account managers, freelancers, creative, copywriters, artists and other external resources. Sometimes client or industry knowledge is critical. Other times, bill rates, skill levels or language are more important to success. Timely availability of information is critical. With NetSuite resource management, you can quickly identify available resources with particular skills, and staff your project fast.

  • Empower virtual teams: Whether you need to fill in staff shortfalls with an employee from another office across the country or the globe, or with a freelancer, with NetSuite's cloud software you can quickly let them see the electronic job jacket within minutes. They can immediately collaborate with the account team as briefs, assets, work in progress—whatever the team is sharing—are available.

  • Spend more time adding value to clients and less on administration: With online, offline and mobile time and expense management, empower your employees to enter timesheets and expenses wherever and whenever they have a few minutes. With automated approval routing in our professional services automation (PSA) tool, managers can sign off in seconds. Automated reminders eliminate the need to chase people for timesheets. Plus, with vendor invoices in the ERP system with automated approval rules you configure, the system can do the reminding—leaving your time for more enjoyable and valuable work.

  • Increase profitability: Projects can be billed monthly or as milestones are reached reducing the time to invoice and improving your cash flow. Removing the need to re-enter redundant information, NetSuite increases billing and invoice accuracy, resulting in greater efficiencies and more productive hours. Plus, with greater visibility into time spent at both the job and client level, you can make more strategic decisions about a client's value. Looking across accounts may even help identify areas for incremental revenue.

  • Get up and running quickly: No matter the size of your organisation, you can leverage NetSuite's more than a decade of experience with advertising, creative services, marketing and PR agencies. We can quickly customise a solution to match your specific needs. You can get started with our ERP and project management software (PSA) solutions in less than half the time of an on premise system. As all our solutions are cloud-based, your agency will always have the latest enhancements and functionalities without the high costs and hassles of maintenance fees, hardware or IT resources.

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