SuiteTalk integration makes it easy to enhance, extend, and integrate third party and legacy systems seamlessly with NetSuite

Integration By Mere Mortals

Just say "no" to proprietary integration tools. Say goodbye to expensive consultants that drink your coffee and eat your doughnuts. Stop walking on eggshells when your processes change. SuiteTalk integration is so straightforward that it can be managed — and maintained — by mere mortals.

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), standards-based Web service APIs extend NetSuite to other systems, third-party vertical applications and legacy applications, or build add-on capabilities.
  • SuiteTalk gives you the ability to use any programming language or platform that supports the SOAP standard in order to generate NetSuite business objects in that language, such as Java or Microsoft .NET.
  • In-depth CRM and Accounting/ERP objects are exposed for simpler integration.
  • SuiteTalk uses a role-based authentication model similar to the NetSuite user interface.
  • SuiteTalk includes a comprehensive, error-handling architecture that utilises error and warning codes, as well as some of the built-in SOAP constructs for error handling.
  • There's full support for customisation, including strongly typed custom fields with automatic validation based on the field type.


  • NetSuite is modular allowing you to address key business pain or opportunities with a flexible, open application. When you want to add NetSuite functionality, you can extend it seamlessly with the click of a button.
  • Companies with existing systems can tie NetSuite seamlessly to those legacy systems while using NetSuite and its single data repository as the system of record.
  • Build and extend business processes across systems while maintaining a single data repository for business intelligence based on consolidated, rationalised data for intelligence you can trust.
  • SuiteTalk lets you embrace the power of Web 2.0 tools (e.g. instant messaging, blogs, maps, etc.) seamlessly with your business processes.


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