If You Build It, They Will Flow

SuiteScript is the SuiteFlex toolset customers, partners and developers use to build and host everything from simple functions, to new business process flows, to entirely new applications within NetSuite. SuiteScript provides all the benefits of robust application architecture and on-demand hosting efficiencies for seamless interaction between NetSuite standard and custom processes.

SuiteScript is comprised of several components enabling the most useful customisation in SaaS:

  • Suitelets — extensions to SuiteScript let you build a custom interface that is hosted within the NetSuite framework. Suitelets allow for completely custom HTML, Flash or NetSuite-based front-end development that can be build from scratch or by leveraging revolutionary SuiteScript UI Objects. Suitelets can also serve as the back-end for external HTML interfaces, providing complete flexibility in developing application extensions to NetSuite.
  • Portlet SuiteScript — scripted Dashboard portlets allow for listing of any NetSuite content on the Dashboard or inclusion of external data-feeds via RSS, HTML or Flash, as well as Web 2.0 mashups (e.g. instant messaging, maps, blogs, more) via embedded Inline HTML fields, or iFrames
  • Scheduled SuiteScript — facilitates business process customisation via JavaScript extensions and allow for records to be processed as a scheduled batch to automate workflows such as re-assignment of stale leads, drip-marketing or scheduling of collection calls based on days overdue.
  • User Event SuiteScript — SuiteScript can be used to enforce data validation and business rules. User Event SuiteScripts are triggered as users work with records and data changes in NetSuite as they open, edit or save records.
  • Client SuiteScript — field-level calculations, alerts and business logic are facilitated by SuiteScripts which run within the user''s browser as they work with data and records within NetSuite. Additionally Server SuiteScript APIs can be invoked via the Client SuiteScript code to apply business logic beyond a single record.

SuiteScript — The Secret Sauce

SuiteScript is built on industry standard JavaScript and introduces customisation capabilities that allow complex processes with branching logic and time-based decision trees to be automated. SuiteScript provides Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) to NetSuite objects or custom objects added by the customer, all of which are acted upon within the NetSuite framework. SuiteScripts can be triggered by user events such as new records or changes to existing records, or be scheduled to run in batch mode. They can trigger NetSuite standard activities, create or modify data in the system, communicate with external data sources or even string together specific pages into a multi-step workflow process, complete with decision tree branching capabilities. As a result, time-based workflows and escalations such as drip-marketing based on orders and collections escalation can be automated.

In addition, Suitelets allow you to construct a new custom front-end from scratch or build a completely custom back-end process and host it inside NetSuite. Suitelet technology is comparable to what is commonly referred to as Servlet and opens up numerous new possibilities for the SuiteFlex platform. You can create a multi step online form for your customers. Each step can be branched and customised based on user's choices on previous steps, tailoring user experience for a more effective customer interaction. A standard sales order form can be extended to include a custom product configurator using Suitelet UI objects, complete with custom slaving of available options, to make order entry for complex products less cumbersome.

Portlet SuiteScirpts be used to define and publish custom content to your dashboard. A portlet can contain html for flexible presentation of content, including images or flash. You can also create and publish a simple form with one submit button, or create a custom list of your search results.


  • No more settling for a "one size fits all" hosted application solution.
  • As a core system, NetSuite requires NO customisation or integration for many things such as invoices, projects, billings that would normally require heavy customisation and integration in other CRM systems and even in some Accounting/ERP systems
  • Users and developers gain inherent efficiencies of a hosted, on-demand solution and the robust application architecture behind it
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.5% which would normally prove cost-prohibitive
  • Leverage the native power of common, shared objects such as Dashboards, Search, Roles and Permissions
  • SuiteFlex custom applications carry forward seamlessly with upgrades


  • Standards-based SuiteScript code adds powerful validation, business process flow, and enforcement
  • Enables creation of front-end user interfaces on the fly using standard HTML or UI objects for NetSuite look and feel
  • Allows custom back-end development to meet highly specialised vertical needs
  • Highly customised dashboards for flexible presentation of content
  • Seemlessly encompasses and extends all customisation capabilities available as part of the SuiteFlex platform
  • One System — SuiteScript customisation and custom extensions are in-system and integrated, removing any maintenance headaches during upgrades


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