SuiteBundler is a key enabler for application packaging and distribution on NS-BOS.

NetSuite's breakthrough SuiteBundler technology allows ISVs, VARs and SIs to productise their industry expertise, create vertical solutions, and deliver them in a repeatable, cost efficient fashion.

The "Service as Software" Revolutions Begins Here

The introduction of SuiteBundler and its ground-breaking capabilities ushers in a new concept for the rapidly growing Software as a Service (SaaS) market — "Service as Software." Just as SaaS transformed the software business in lowering total cost of ownership and ongoing maintenance, it will more radically change the face of implementation and value-added services delivery by professional consulting service partners.

SuiteBundler Benefits for NetSuite Partners:

Turn your industry expertise into software: design, build, market, and sell your unique industry solution
Select from a host of customisations and add-ons to create custom applications for your customers
Automate the reuse of your customisations
Deliver faster implementations at a lower cost

SuiteBundler Benefits for Customers:

Customers now have access to an industry-specific suite at an affordable price
Customers can further tailor custom applications to their specific business requirements
SuiteBundler facilitates faster implementations at lower cost
SuiteBundler custom applications are flexible and scalable for future changes

SuiteBundler includes:

  • Bundle Builder — an easy 3-step graphical assistant for selecting and creating SuiteBundles. Bundle-able components include anything configurable and customisable in NetSuite from the simple elements — such as user roles, Dashboards, custom tabs, custom centers, custom KPIs and Scorecards, custom reports, custom lists and custom forms — to database elements — such as custom fields and custom records/objects — to scripted business process and application development elements — such as client SuiteScript, Server SuiteScript, SuiteScript UI Objects and Suitelets.
  • Bundle Distribution — You can choose from 3 modes when making SuiteBundles available to customers:
    • Shared: Partners creating a SuiteBundle for commercial availability would distribute it as Shared to specific customer accounts that have purchased the solution.
    • Private: Customers leveraging SuiteBundler to prototype their own customisations and implementation of new business processes would set availability to Private.
    • Public: Developers or even customers can choose to distribute a Public SuiteBundle, fostering an open-source community for sharing small add-on enhancements to NetSuite.
  • SuiteSource Bundle Repository — partners creating SuiteBundles can leverage the SuiteSource Bundle Repository in their development process to conveniently save the customer-installation-ready version of their SuiteBundle, while continuing to work on the next iteration of their solution in their NetSuite developer account.
  • Bundle Installation — customers looking to install a SuiteBundle would first locate it by browsing the SuiteSource Bundle Repository or searching by a specific Bundle ID given to them by the partner they purchased the solution from. Once they have located their particular SuiteBundle, installation is as easy as one-click and all the contents of the bundle are automatically inserted into their account. Un-install is also available in SuiteBundler if it turns out that the bundle contents need to be removed. All customisations and solutions deployed using SuiteBundler are seamlessly carried forward with version upgrades, just as is the case with customization changes made directly in NetSuite accounts.
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Five Easy Steps to a Custom Application

    Step 1: Create and Name
    Create your customisation, give it a name, description and documentation and save it.

    Step 2: Select Objects
    Select the objects you want to include in your bundle.

    Step 3: Summary & Save
    Here you'll see not only the objects you selected but also the dependent objects SuiteBundler automatically associates and brings with them.

    Step 4: Define Availability
    Define whether you want your bundle to be Private, Shared, or Public:

    • Private — For customer prototyping between Sandbox and Production, implementation testing etc. Accessible only by administrators of the account.
    • Shared — For commercial bundles distributed to specific customer accounts. Accessible to any of the Account IDs you list.
    • Public — For the open source, community accessible bundles. Public bundles are available to everyone.

    You can optionally copy your bundle to the SuiteSource Repository.

    Step 5: Install Bundle
    Install your bundle in your chosen target account or build a new account or industry solution with SuiteBundler.

Vertical & Value-Add Solutions Delivered via SuiteBundler

NetSuite and their partners have embraced the Service as Software revolution by introducing many vertical solutions spanning a spectrum of markets including:

  • Software
  • Media and Publishing
  • IT Resellers
  • Agriculture Equipment Dealerships
  • Seaport Marina Management
  • Retail (Point of Sale)
  • Shipping Materials Franchises
  • Electronics Wholesale Distribution

Additionally, NetSuite solution providers are leveraging SuiteBundler to deliver valuable add-ons to core NetSuite functionality in the areas of:

  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Tax Automation
  • Warranty Management

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