Helping Social Enterprises and Charities Do Good Better

Being a good corporate citizen is no longer just about giving away a little money. It's about putting the strengths and assets of a company to work in the world to make a difference. It's how companies today achieve the greatest social impact. combines NetSuite's complete suite of business software with our people and know-how into a solution for organisations seeking to expand and extend their social impact. Social enterprises and charities can now run their organisations more efficiently using tools that might otherwise be out of reach. They can put more of their time and resources into achieving their mission.

With a product donation from NetSuite, you not only get the software, you get the expertise and methodology as well. With its straightforward interface and cloud-computing architecture that doesn't require additional IT infrastructure, organisations can track donations, programs, projects, assets, and volunteers from almost anywhere in the world. There's even an ecommerce solution so that you can take your online presence and make it work harder for you.

We recognise that an organisation's tax status doesn't dictate their social impact, so our grants are available to both for-profit and nonprofit organisations that can benefit from a technology upgrade.

How we can help:

  • Social Enterprises need to deliver both profitability and social impact. NetSuite has the power to handle the challenges of supplier management and ecommerce and the flexibility to measure and manage social impact, offering seamless management of both bottom lines.
  • Registered Charities need to measure, manage, and report on their performance and outcomes in a transparent way that lets donors see how their donations are being used. NetSuite simplifies the administration burden by storing financials, donors, operations, and results in a single, web-based system.

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