Course Objective

This 2-day course shows you how to implement and extend the prebuilt reference implementation for ShopFlow that is running on a front-end web architecture utilizing Backbone, Underscore, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Incorporate use of the Content Delivery and Product Merchandising reference implementations within ShopFlow. Take advantage of SuiteScript Server Pages technology to allow for a high degree of customization across your website.

Note:This is the second course for those developing SuiteCommerce Advanced web sites. Take SuiteCommerce: Building Web Stores Part 1 as the first step in implementing a SuiteCommerce Advanced web site, or as the only course when implementing a SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder web site.

This course is right for you if you...

  • Need to create unique and highly customized websites using SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Are a software developer tasked with implementing SuiteCommerce Advanced websites

Key Tasks Taught: How do I...

  • Gain an understanding of the item search architecture and how search indexes are used
  • Build SuiteScript Server Page (SSP) applications utilizing the Item Search API
  • Customize the ShopFlow reference implementation via JavaScript (front-end and server-side), HTML templates, and CSS
  • Set up fieldsets and automate through SuiteScript
  • Configure search and sorting capabilities
  • Set up faceted navigation, including custom facet fields and custom facet UI widgets
  • Create site categories and have them exposed as facets
  • Expose related and correlated items to the shopping site
  • Configure advanced image options, including automatic image resizing
  • Incorporate a variety of static content onto the shopping and cart pages via the Content Delivery reference implementation
  • Incorporate a variety of dynamic content onto the shopping and cart pages by utilizing the Product Merchandising reference implementation, along with the Item Search API

Duration: 2 days
Price: $1,600 USD

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