NetSuite Training Education Advisor

Name: Angie Svensen

Title: Senior Instructor

Years with NetSuite: 3

NetSuite Expertise: Angie is NetSuite’s primary instructor for the EMEA region. She prepares and teaches end user, administrator and project team training. She is proficient with all of NetSuite’s applications, but has particular expertise with NetSuite ERP and accounting features and capabilities.

Previous Experience: Angie has an entrepreneurial spirit! She began her career as an accountant, but soon became the Financial Director of her own small IT business. Her company helped other small businesses and retail stores implement accounting systems. Eventually, Angie became a consultant for business and financial accounting applications and then a fixed assets and capital projects manager. So as you can see, she knows her way around spreadsheets and ledgers!

Fun Facts: Angie can read, write and speak in three languages: English, French and her native Greek. Originally from Greece, Angie currently lives in England, where she enjoys studying philosophy, playing chess and travelling. 

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