Course Objective

This course introduces the essential concepts of the NetSuite WMS Lite solution. You will explore how to configure NetSuite WMS Lite and use the solution with a RF mobile handheld scanner.

Through system walkthroughs and downloadable quick reference guides, you will learn to replace manual warehouse processes with automation and get real-time access into transactions and inventory movement.

WMS Lite: Fundamentals provides the foundational knowledge needed to tailor and utilize NetSuite for your organization by examining key tasks and responsibilities for the warehouse administrator, inventory manager and operator. The course begins with a high-level introduction of NetSuite capabilities before turning to the setup, configuration, and daily processing tasks.

Demonstrations will be conducted in a NetSuite WMS Lite account.

This course is right for you if you...

  • Need to learn about the features and capabilities of the NetSuite WMS Lite solution
  • Are a newly-hired administrator who needs to learn how to manage the existing NetSuite WMS Lite solution

Key Tasks Taught: How do I...

  • Establish baseline knowledge of NetSuite WMS Lite functionality?
  • Confirm NetSuite WMS Lite configuration settings?
  • Use NetSuite WMS Lite on my RF Mobile Handheld scanner to:
    • Perform inbound processes, including receiving orders and putaway items?
    • Perform outbound process for fulfilling orders?
    • Manage my inventory?
    • Process work orders?

Duration: ½ days
Price: $400 USD

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