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SuiteSuccess for Services Organizations

There are over two hundred people that have committed themselves to NetSuite for the Professional Services Industry. Spanning decades of experience and functional areas, NetSuite understands the unique requirements of running a services business.

With NetSuite, you can launch, run and grow your organization with the #1 cloud ERP solution. NetSuite has a deep understanding of service organizations and the challenges they face. Leveraging this experience, NetSuite has developed SuiteSuccess, a new methodology focused on four key areas:


Like all service-based companies, your business model is unique. With SuiteSuccess for services, we have developed prebuilt solutions based on our experience working with all types of services companies. These solutions are built on datasets and best practices designed for different types of services companies that sell any combination of time and products.


Leverage our deep understanding of wholesale distribution businesses across all sectors to ensure success through our consultative approach from sales to implementation to support, spanning your entire lifecycle.


Delivering an agile and phased approach while transforming your business to drive results; built from over two decades of experience from thousands of deployments.


SuiteSuccess delivers hundreds of pre-built reports and value-driven dashboards developed from years of real-world use by thousands of people in roles like yours.

“NetSuite has given us the ability to choose our growth path. We’re able to make better decisions on how and where to drive growth using real-time data.” Jeffrey Smith, SVP Operations and Strategy,
Golden Star Technology

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Streamlined operational efficiencies

Working from roles, dashboards and KPIs based on one single source of truth, your organization will see an immediate increase in productivity—allowing more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Integrated platform for projects and financials

The SuiteSuccess platform is built to break down departmental barriers that currently exist. By unifying the front and back office, NetSuite gives services firms full visibility into the true financial status of the organization.

Data-driven decision making

Constant access to real-time data makes it simple to track and optimize the performance of your projects. From here, you can both succinctly convey this message to your constituents, and make sound business decisions for future projects.

Simplified reporting and compliance

With configurable project profitability segmentation, reporting on your operations has never been easier. SuiteSuccess has this functionality built in to relieve this burden from Day 1.

Ready on day one

With SuiteSuccess, we deliver pre-defined user dashboards that are role-specific and developed from our years of experience with organizations just like yours. There’s no waiting to get started. Your organization is ready to grow from the start.