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How to Start and Grow Your Company: From Idea to Exit

Explore this stage-by-stage ebook about how companies move from business inception to exit—a guide to growing your business. We will dig into the definition of each business stage, the range of funding typically acquired, the stakeholders involved and the goals to achieve before moving into the next phase.

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The New Norm of Client Transparency in the Services Economy

Delivering transparency is becoming increasingly important across different industries. For some, it has become a competitive differentiator. In professional services, clients are also increasingly calling for transparency. To fully embrace transparency means building a culture and values that support it, and also means having the systems, processes and technology to deliver it. As a single ERP system, NetSuite is not just at the heart of a company, it also provides an ecosystem that enables companies to become transparent from inside and out.

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The Collective Wisdom of Over 100 Professional Services Leaders

In the report, you will find 165 great tips from practitioners who've been there and know first-hand the trials and tribulations of running a services organization. Inside the report, you'll find real-life experiences and “lessons learned” that will help you create and run a first-class services organization. Whether you're with a startup with just a few consultants or with a Fortune 500 company with a sizable services organization, the gems provided in this report will give you insights into a range of topics, from setting up your services strategy and charter; to services marketing and selling; to business operations, organizational design, services delivery and offshoring. Written by over 100 Professional Services industry experts, you won't find a more comprehensive report on this subject anywhere.

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2018 Professional Services Global Pricing, Compensation and Utilization Benchmark

Service Performance Insight's (SPI) Professional Services (PS) Global Pricing, Compensation and Utilization Benchmark examines how PS organizations strive to delight clients and improve margins by determining accurate pricing targets and winning growth strategies. Building on the success of the 2011 and 2015 PS Global Pricing reports, SPI provides a comprehensive study of global PS bill rates, compensation, workforce composition and utilization.

Based on survey data from 156 Professional Service organizations, representing more than 11,000 consultants, this independent study profiles published and realized bill rates, base and variable compensation, and billable utilization across 12 job roles. The report showcases six service industry segments such as IT and management consulting as well as embedded PS roles with Software and SaaS product organizations, architects and engineers, and advertising, marketing and publishing. The report also focuses on key metrics and the predominant business applications used by consulting organization to effectively price, win and deliver projects.

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2018 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark

SPI research's Professional Services (PS) Maturity Benchmark examines the trends of the services industry to help professional services executives better understand how their organization compares to others that are both similar in size and scope of work, as well as to the broader professional services market. Additionally, the study provides an objective, fact-based framework for performance improvements that helps pinpoint the areas that will provide the greatest impact.

Based on input from 456 PS firms from around the world, year over year PS revenue growth, for the 2nd year in a row, dropped below 10% to 8%. But PS job creation rose to a new high of 9.3% as skilled millennial workers continued to surpass retiring baby boomers to become one of the largest cohorts. Download report to prepare your firm for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-changing professional services industry.

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Six Steps to Building an Effective Skills Tracking and Resource Management Programs

This is a white paper catered to the professional services audience. It shows how these organizations can leverage best practices around skills-based planning and mapping with investment in a PSA tool such as OpenAir.

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Introducing the 2018 Best-of-the-Best Professional Services Organizations

Based on the results from the eleventh annual Professional Services Maturity™ benchmark survey, SPI Research has named the top twenty 2018 Best-of-the-Best professional services organizations. SPI’s extensive annual survey, the 2018 PS Maturity™ Benchmark, revealed top performers grew both revenues and new jobs at more than twice the rate of average firms. To support their expansion, the Best-of-the-Best augmented their consulting workforces by 19.8% compared to 8.7% headcount growth for average firms.

This past year, the top 20 firms out of 456 organizations who participated in the survey outperformed their peers and the benchmark average with not only significantly higher profits, but also more projects delivered on-time and many more satisfied clients. These firms generated 26.3% in net profit compared to 16.1% for average PS organizations.

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The Importance of Soft Skills Development

Most professional services and consulting organizations prioritize the technical expertise of their personnel. In this white paper, we will explore what the PS organization can do to enhance the “soft skills” of its PS practitioners and ultimately drive more value to both the client and more repeatable business for the PS organization.

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NetSuite SuitePeople

Every other HR system on the planet was built just for the HR department. That's a part of it, but it isn't enough. Shouldn't it be built around your most valuable asset—your people? The SuitePeople experience ensures your most valuable asset, your people, are effective, engaged and motivated. SuitePeople was built for everyone from the shop floor to the top floor.

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Shining a Light on the Clouds: Finding a True Cloud Solution

The Cloud continues to hang over the business computing landscape like, well, a cloud. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS—all of it makes for a confusing alphabet soup for even the most experienced industry observers and IT pros.

And, as longstanding technology firms look for ways to get into the market and new entrants emerge, creating new terminology, claiming firsts and generally obfuscating the entire landscape, it only promises to get more confusing for technology buyers seeking a cost effective, scalable and agile solution for their needs. This paper serves to provide some clarity around the different flavors of cloud and a detailed explanation of why multi-tenant SaaS offers the greatest combination of value, agility and scalability.

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Report: NetSuite Powers The Best-of-the-Best Professional Services Organizations

Download your copy of SPI Research's Benchmark Report to see how you match-up with the best in the industry.

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The Cost of Complacency in the Service Industry

Are you “making do” with something less than full ERP? In this report, Mint Jutras references data collected from its 2016 Enterprise Solution Study, investigating goals, challenges and status and performance of software used to run a business. A total of 525 responses were collected from companies across a broad range of industries, with 99 collected from the services sector.

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2016 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report

Learn why NetSuite prevailed as the dominant applications provider to services organizations in this year's 2016 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark study by SPI Research.

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NetSuite: The Key to Performance and Profitability for Solution Providers

As a service organization's growth accelerates, its business model becomes more complex. This complexity results largely from a volume increase in billing, accounting, and projects under management. Optimizing processes with the right solution not only allow firms to track critical operational metrics, but they also empower executives and resource managers with access to information in real time.

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Optimizing Process and Resource Management

The forces that drive change in professional services are many and varied, and the pace of this change is only accelerating. In the face of these major changes, what can PS organizations do to maximize resource optimization and streamline delivery processes? This executive briefing highlights the best practices for organizational optimization in a world where moving quickly is business-critical.

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2015 Professional Services Global Pricing Report

The growth engine of the world's economy has shifted from manufacturing to project-based, people-centric services businesses. While PS organizations struggle to improve margins, determining winning pricing targets and strategies has never been so important. As part of this pricing study, SPI Research will demonstrate the important role bill rates play in generating profit.

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Benefits of Services Resource Planning

This project-driven service economy depends on accurately capturing knowledge-worker productivity—how much time, skill, materials and intellectual property are required to produce favorable client outcomes? New cloud-based services resource planning (SRP) applications have emerged to manage the entire project lifecycle from requirements to quoting, time and expense capture and billing.

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Professional Services Metrics

While the professional services industry landscape has changed, the underlying metrics to manage services businesses have remained consistent. This white paper examines three core metrics critical to professional services performance and offers practical examples of how you can apply them to measure and optimize your own business.

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Best Practices of the Best-of-the-Best Professional Services Organizations

In this white paper, SPI Research focuses on four of this year's Best-of-the-Best service organizations, each of which relies on NetSuite's powerful professional services automation (PSA) solution to provide visibility and control across all aspects of service operations. This paper focuses on the best practices that differentiate Best-of-the-Best firms from average firms.

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TEC Certification Report—NetSuite OpenAir

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that OpenAir by NetSuite is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of project portfolio management for professional services automation (PPM for PSA) solutions. The PPM for PSA evaluation model enables you to compare and evaluate functionality based on TEC's comprehensive model of PPM for PSA software.

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2015 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark

Service Performance Insight (SPI Research) is proud to introduce the eighth-annual Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark. Each year SPI Research collects data on approximately 200 key performance indicators across all aspects of professional services organizations. Many benchmarks focus solely on financial metrics, but do not delve deeper into the root causes impacting those metrics. SPI Research believes each component of the professional services organization can both positively and negatively impact performance, cash flow and ultimately profit. The purpose of this benchmark is to provide a holistic view of all aspects of PS performance and how subtle changes in one area, for example, revenue growth, impact all other areas.

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TEC Certification Report—NetSuite ERP for Services Companies

The TEC Focus Indicator presents the results of benchmarking NetSuite ERP against and Industry Average. TEC calculates the industry average for a given software market space based on product data from real-world software solutions, scoring solutions support for hundreds to thousands of features and functions.

NetSuite ERP ranks in the Dominant Zone in the portfolio and project management, resource planning and scheduling, and the time and expense management functional areas. This ranking highlights NetSuite's ERP's competitive strength in these important areas.

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NetSuite for Services Companies

In today's global economy, modern services organizations must constantly evolve to ensure they provide the talent, skills, and experience to deliver projects that meet or exceed their clients' expectations.

NetSuite is the only integrated cloud-based business suite designed specifically for services companies. It streamlines business processes and provides a comprehensive back-office and front-office foundation, so you can accelerate the productivity and profitability of your services organization.

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Project-Based ERP Buyer's Guide

The growth engine of the world's economy has shifted from manufacturing to project-based, people-centric services businesses. These businesses rely on project-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), also known as Services Resource Planning (SRP), applications to manage the financial aspects of the firm. These solutions automate core business processes such as quote-to-cash, resource and talent management, time capture and billing, and provide the real-time visibility necessary to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

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Aberdeen Group: Driving Back Office Profitability with Professional Services Automation

This report identifies how Best-in-Class professional services firms manage their back offices with Professional Services Automation (PSA) in order to maintain profit margins.

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Professional Services Automation (PSA) Buyer's Guide

This PSA Buyer's Guide provides an overview of important trends, business processes and selection criteria to help project- and services-based businesses evaluate and choose PSA applications, which will provide the level of insight, management and control needed to improve productivity and profitability.

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Four Reasons Why QuickBooks Is Failing Your Services Business

This white paper draws on real-world stories of small and medium-sized professional services organizations (PSOs) that have upgraded from QuickBooks to NetSuite at critical junctures in their development. It also outlines four common business process inefficiencies that you might see reflected in your own business—the reasons why QuickBooks may be failing your services organization.

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Market Overview: Project-Based ERP for Service Delivery Professionals

A growing number of organizations delivering project-based services to customers seek business apps that more fully reflect that project focus and apply it to business-processes-powering project management, including project costing, time capture, and billing. Application delivery pros also often need apps that integrate and harmonize project management functionality with the financials and human capital management capabilities of enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps. This report highlights solutions from a group of ERP vendors providing these capabilities and identifies a number of project-based ERP customer best practices.

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