Learn what analysts say about NetSuite products and the latest industry trends and topics by reading one of these white papers.

Research Study: Cloud-Based Business Solutions Suite Delivers Key Performance Improvements to Nonprofit Organizations

Download this new study by research firm SL Associates to size up what cloud-based solutions could mean for your nonprofit organization.

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Workbooks: Should Your Organization Consider the Cloud and Implementing A Cloud Solution

Should Your Organization Consider the Cloud is a series of nine easy-to-understand worksheets that help you define your costs, security and functional priorities. We'll also help you identify if the Cloud is a good cultural fit for your organization, if your existing technology will complement the Cloud, and if it would be a worthwhile investment to make the switch.

Implementing A Cloud Solution will help you define and plan your cloud-based software solution. We'll help you identify your organizations readiness for the cloud, training requirements, data migration strategy and more. You'll finish the workbook with a completed plan to implement your Cloud-based software solution.

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The Limits of QuickBooks

Download this whitepaper to uncover the four critical issues nonprofit organizations face when reaching the limits of QuickBooks.

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Five Key Trends in Nonprofit Technology

How effectively your nonprofit organization uses business technology has a major influence on your administrative overhead and social impact. Are you making the most of what today's technology has to offer? This whitepaper discusses the five key trends that are reshaping how nonprofit organizations operate. Authored by Idealware, an independent nonprofit dedicated to helping other nonprofits make smart software decisions, this report offers a practical look at what the changing technology landscape means for nonprofits.

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