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SMBs: No, You’re Not Too Small for ERP

Many small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) fear Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) thinking it is too costly and complex for a business their size. Between stories and first hand experience of early ERP solutions, many see ERP as hard to implement and even harder to use. Enter Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which can equip modern businesses with feature-rich, easy to use and affordable ERP. Download the report and hear from SMBs first hand about the benefits of making the move.

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Shining a Light on the Clouds: Finding a True Cloud Solution

The Cloud continues to hang over the business computing landscape like, well, a cloud. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS—all of it makes for a confusing alphabet soup for even the most experienced industry observers and IT pros.

And, as longstanding technology firms look for ways to get into the market and new entrants emerge, creating new terminology, claiming firsts and generally obfuscating the entire landscape, it only promises to get more confusing for technology buyers seeking a cost effective, scalable and agile solution for their needs. This paper serves to provide some clarity around the different flavors of cloud and a detailed explanation of why multi-tenant SaaS offers the greatest combination of value, agility and scalability.

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SuiteSuccess: NetSuite's Unified Industry Cloud Solution(s)

How can your business harness 20 years of industry-leading best practices in your next ERP implementation and execution? Enter SuiteSuccess—NetSuite's new customer engagement model that helps companies go the first mile fast, but also take on the last mile without expensive customizations and road blocks. Download the white paper from Mint Jutras to learn more about the SuiteSuccess methodology and the real benefits associated.

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The Case for a Continuous Close

The traditional financial close process implies that closing the books has a defined beginning, middle and end. Now, with the emergence of new trends and technologies such as the cloud, organizations implement modern financial management solutions like NetSuite to help them deliver a continuous close by providing unified platforms that allow for more efficient financial management operations. Learn about the benefits of adopting the continuous close orientation and discover how modern, best-of-breed ERP makes the continuous close a reality.

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Cloud ERP System for Enterprises – Key Considerations

This whitepaper discusses the ways in which cloud-based ERP drives global efficiencies for multi-national organizations and proposes evaluation criteria for cloud ERP vendor selection.

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Enterprising Moves for Cloud ERP

Enterprises need modern business solutions for modern business needs—and they’re not getting them from legacy on-premise providers. Today, a number of drivers are coming together as a perfect storm to encourage enterprise-level adoption of cloud ERP solutions. This whitepaper highlights how modern businesses are rethinking ERP in the age of omnichannel and digital business.

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Bringing Agility to Billing with SuiteBilling

This prescriptive white paper discusses why billing is a strategic business function in today's marketplace and how NetSuite offers a next-generation billing solution to propel your business.

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NetSuite: Control Considerations For Financial Reporting

A system of good internal controls is necessary in any organization to minimize errors, misstatements and fraud. Public companies in particular are required to establish effective IT general control frameworks to comply with regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

Download this white paper to understand the best practices for developing, deploying and maintaining controls in a NetSuite implementation.

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Countdown to ASC 606: What Every Business Needs to Know

This thought leadership piece is a primer on the new, converged revenue recognition standard—ASC 606. The document offers practical advice on how Finance teams can prepare for compliance, and why a modern cloud-based financial system, with support for complex order management, billing and revenue recognition at its core, is critical for success. The document also describes why ASC 606 impacts the organization beyond Finance (IT, sales, professional services, legal) and provides a timeline for ensuring readiness as the adoption date approaches.

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Eliminate Spreadsheets: Optimizing the Resource Management Process

This white paper discusses the significant financial and efficiency benefits that services organizations realize through an optimized resource management process within a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.

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Empowering SMBs to Reach Beyond the Limitations of QuickBooks

Very often, SMBs have been faced with relying upon a hairball of dangerously unreliable spreadsheets that support aging accounting systems. This white paper explores the common obstacles faced by SMBs with outdated or disparate systems and addresses how SaaS applications can help mitigate the challenges associated with rapid growth.

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The Physics of Business Are Being Rewritten

Today, the physics of business are being rewritten by a new breed of bold CEOs, CIOs and CFOs. Yet, the harsh reality for most businesses is that the software systems that sit at the core of their organizations are not accelerating human ingenuity. This ebook examines the trends and factors driving change across virtually every industry and features interviews with leaders from some of the fastest-growing, disruptive companies around to share their key insights into business model innovation.

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Enabling the Modern Business Through IT

As the pace of innovation accelerates, customer needs change and industries converge, many companies find it challenging for their information technology to support the rapidly changing needs of the business. This whitepaper examines how organizations can evolve their IT infrastructure to enable modern business innovation, agility and growth.

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8 Ways Legacy ERP Harms Your Business

Download this ebook to learn the 8 ways by which outdated ERP systems hold back your business and how "version-less" cloud ERP can help eliminate costly upgrades, reduce IT infrastructure management and drive value with rapid implementation.

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The Great Debate: One Integrated Business System VS. Siloed Applications

This white paper covers the types of inefficiencies caused by running disparate business solutions and systems for different departments and how a software platform that unifies critical business processes helps companies grow more rapidly and profitably. This paper reviews numerous case studies of companies that switched from disparate software systems to an integrated software suite and also covers analysis by independent industry expert, Nucleus Research, of customers' ROI from using an integrated software suite.

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