New Behavior, New Strategies: Evolving Your Ad Experiences for the Converged Video Market

The traditional media model has been turned upside down as new digital options move into the mainstream. Consumer behavior has followed suit, and brands need to revamp their advertising models to take full advantage of the new media market. But what kind of ad experiences will resonate best? And what are the implications for media companies in this new landscape? Todd Bellis, media and entertainment principal at Deloitte, will share his insights and analysis of the new media market and its impact on the future of advertising.

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Demo: NetSuite for Digital Publishers

Featuring NetSuite's Chris Hering, Vertical Market Lead (Advertising, Media & Publishing), and Pamela Redford, Solution Consultant (Advertising, Media, & Publishing), this in-depth demonstration addresses how NetSuite empowers the publishing industry with the tools to streamline workflows, drive revenue, and proactively manage the business through real-time insight into key metrics.

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3 Keys to Perfect Forecasting and Planning in Media Publishing

Media and publishing executives frequently lack accurate demand, resource and inventory forecasting, or real-time visibility into campaign performance and profitability. During this live demonstration you will learn how NetSuite streamlines forecasting and planning across your media and publishing business, whether digital, print or a combination.

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Live Webinar – Advertising 360: Order to Invoice with NetSuite for Media/Publishing (why leading companies choose NetSuite for Media Publishing)

Media and advertising executives frequently lack visibility into campaign delivery, resulting in missed revenue opportunities, cumbersome invoicing and diminished profits. This webinar highlights how NetSuite can streamline order to invoicing across advertising businesses, whether digital, print or a combination thereof.

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