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The Client is Always Right: How Top Agencies Leverage Technology to Delight their Brands

Balancing what your brand wants with what your agency can deliver is an increasingly difficult task in the age of technology. Today, top agencies are turning to software tools to help them stay ahead of the curve. In this webcast, you will hear from Chili’s about what they require from their agency partner. Then you will hear from Ansira, one of the nation’s leading data-driven marketing agencies, about how they leverage technology both externally for their clients and internally for their employees.

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Demo: NetSuite for Advertising and Creative Agencies

Featuring NetSuite's Chris Hering, Industry Marketing Lead (Advertising, Media, & Publishing) and Ryan Lazaro, Solution Consultant (Advertising, Media, & Publishing), this live demonstration highlights how NetSuite's agile, reliable and scalable business platform equips agencies with all the tools they need for sustainable growth and continued success.

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