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Survey of Customers Shows Average ROI of More Than 400% Achieved in a Payback Period of Less Than One Quarter

SAN MATEO, CA, December 3, 2002—NetLedger, Inc., makers of Oracle® Small Business Suite, today announced that its application suites have surpassed the 6,000 customer milestone since its first product launch in 1999, making it the leading provider of integrated online ERP/CRM application services for the small and medium business market. These 6,000 companies have licensed NetLedger's award-winning products including Oracle Small Business Suite, NetSuite™, NetCRM™, and NetLedger™ Advanced Accounting. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (ORCL).

A large number of NetLedger's customers left traditional software packages or even Web-based point solutions for NetLedger's completely integrated ERP and CRM solution in order to reduce their costs and increase productivity. Based on a September 2002 ROI study, Oracle Small Business Suite costs much less to run a business than multiple disparate software packages and saves businesses a significant amount of time in managing their business processes. The results show Oracle Small Business Suite has generated an average savings of over $21,000 per year, which translates to a return on investment (ROI) of over 400%. These results are achieved in a payback period of less than one quarter.

"The only thing we can attribute our success to is our customers' success,"said Zach Nelson, president of NetLedger. "The ROI that our customers have achieved is due to the ability to get up and running in a matter of weeks, versus months with traditional software. And the front- and back-office integration not only saves them time, it also improves their productivity and business visibility."

NetLedger's customers are found in all industries, including wholesale distribution, retail, professional services, manufacturing, non-profit, and technology. Additionally, a growing number of divisions and subsidiaries of large enterprises such as TRW and DuPont have become NetLedger's customers. NetLedger also has hundreds of customers outside the U.S. Recently the company has partnered with BT to expand distribution in the UK.

One of NetLedger's newest customers is WildPackets, Inc., a multi-million dollar provider of network analysis software. After its Walnut Creek, Calif. headquarters were destroyed by fire on July 15, WildPackets was forced to reassess key applications deployed over the past 12 years. "We had started integrating our ERP and CRM systems before the fire, but our recovery dictated accelerated research and implementation," said Mahboud Zabetian, WildPackets' President and CEO. "We chose NetLedger's products because they seamlessly integrate front-office and back-office functionality, are built on Oracle technology and we could get up and running very quickly. We also anticipate being able to manage our rapidly-expanding, multi-location business more effectively and much more affordably with this software."

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