SuiteWorld Agenda: Breakout Sessions

Track 8: Selling NetSuite (Partners Only)

The Art of Solution Selling with NetSuite

How does your company position and sell the NetSuite solution? Are you incorporating best practices when prospecting, diagnosing customer needs, crafting a solution or establishing value? Join the experts in exploring how they take a consultative approach to all aspects of the NetSuite sales process.

Five Keys to Success in Marketing Lead Generation

Join us to learn best practices and tips from NetSuite market experts. Discover how you can effectively market your NetSuite practice to prospective customers while driving demand for services business. Find out how you can run programs while leveraging and complementing NetSuite's marketing initiatives.

Enhancing NetSuite with Financial Planning

Are your clients still using error-prone, labor-intensive spreadsheet-based approaches to financial planning? Do they want more visibility into their business to accurately plan and forecast? The NetSuite Financial Planning Module is an add-on solution for NetSuite that provides cost-effective, highly sophisticated planning and "what-if" financial modeling capabilities. In this informative session, we'll explore NetSuite's Financial Planning Module for on-demand budgeting, forecasting and reporting and its latest enhancements.

NetSuite Solutions and Competitive Selling: Parts 1 and 2

In this two-part series, hear from NetSuite market experts and leading solution providers about strategies you can use to win against the competition, whether you're facing Microsoft, Sage, SAP, or one of the smaller players. You'll get a competitive overview, learn about resources you can use, and learn firsthand about tactics you can deploy to win deals.

Vertical Solutions: Powering the Next Generation of Software Companies

Tomorrow's software leaders are building recurring revenue businesses that raise a new set of challenges for software companies including billing, revenue recognition and renewal management. NetSuite is uniquely addressing these requirements both with native and partner functionality. Come learn how NetSuite is addressing the unique requirements of software companies with its Software Company Edition and learn how the new Contract Renewals functionality was built on top of the platform leveraging SuiteBundle.

Vertical Solutions: Running a Wholesale/Distribution Business Faster & Smarter

The wholesale distribution industry thrives on speed and efficiency—not on managing disconnected IT systems for finance, order and inventory management, ecommerce and more. Learn the keys to successfully selling into wholesale and distribution businesses and helping your WD clients run their business smarter and faster. In this session the NetSuite team will review the key NetSuite product features specific to WD, share our sales and marketing best practices, explore the partner and competitive landscape, and showcase NetSuite's latest client success stories in wholesale distribution.

Vertical Solutions: Transforming and Elevating Professional Services

Help professional service organizations gain a clear view into how the right technology can dramatically improve project margins, billable rates, rate realization, and revenue growth as well as enhance overall visibility and profitability. During this session, we will explore two of today's hottest market opportunities, professional services automation (PSA) and services resource planning (SRP). Our NetSuite OpenAir experts will review the latest product enhancements for service organizations, best practices when selling into the professional services sector, and the ideal prospect profile for PSA and SRP solutions.

Vertical Solutions: Managing a Manufacturing Business with NetSuite

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition helps mid-size and multi-divisional manufacturers profitably grow their business, reduce inventory, operate more dynamically, maximize their IT investments and improve speed, efficiency, intelligence across the entire organization. During this session, the NetSuite team will review the different flavors of NetSuite Manufacturing, including Light Assembly, Standard and Advanced, and will share best practices for selling and implementing the only cloud-based integrated business suite for manufacturing.

Dueling–Demos NetSuite in Action

Join us for an informative and entertaining session as two NetSuite product experts face-off in a competitive duel. You'll learn what features to demonstrate when only given 15 minutes with a CFO or functional leader in accounting, marketing or e-commerce. This ‘dueling banjos' style session features the contrasting styles of a leading NetSuite solution expert and a top business function leader.


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