SuiteWorld Agenda: Breakout Sessions

Track 7a: Learn More About NetSuite

Note: The sessions in this track are for prospective NetSuite customers only.

Business Benefits of Running in the Cloud

Bringing the cloud buzz down to earth, hear first-hand from a panel of executives who made the move from on-premise systems to the cloud and what it meant to their company. These business leaders will share how the Cloud and NetSuite's SaaS model helped them gain anytime, anywhere access to business systems, reduce IT costs and complexity, painlessly keep their system updated, and get real-time visibility into business performance.

What the Cloud Means to Finance

Get a primer on how cloud computing is being used within today's finance organizations. You'll learn what finance executive consider top of mind when it comes to Cloud Computing and you'll hear first-hand from financial executives who use NetSuite to run their global finance organizations. The panel will discuss the drivers behind their adoption, issues they faced, and what it meant for their organization.

DEMO: Optimizing Productivity, Visibility and Collaboration with the Suite

See how running your business with NetSuite's complete business software suite improves company-wide efficiency, streamlines processes, improves visibility across your organization, helps you make better faster decisions, and cuts unnecessary system integration costs. You will see a live demo of NetSuite and hear first-hand from a customer who moved from a patchwork of siloed systems to NetSuite to handle their front and back office operations more efficiently.

Forrester Research Perspectives: The Future of ERP

Join Paul Hamerman, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, for this thought-provoking session on what the future holds for enterprise resource planning (ERP). Paul is a leading expert in the overall enterprise applications market and works extensively with both vendors and companies evaluating ERP systems internationally and across a wide variety of industries. Based on recent studies by Forrester Research, Paul will share his perspectives on the ERP market landscape and what is top of mind for businesses as they look to optimize their back-office processes in the future.

Track 7b : Partner Showcase

Be a Customization Hero: Make it YOUR Cloud with Epiphany

Listen to a panel of three NetSuite Customers discuss their unique business requirements and how they were solved by utilizing NetSuite's SuiteCloud platform and expertise from Epiphany. Panel participants will outline developing solutions using SuiteFlow for business process customization, SuiteScript to enforce complex business rules and more. Bring your customization wish list that your business users have been yearning for to this informative session and experts from Epiphany will be on hand to help you make them happen!

Marketing Automation to Complement NetSuite from Pardot

All leads are not created equal. Learn how to automate lead qualification and lead nurturing with NetSuite and Pardot. This session will cover strategies on how to shorten the sales cycle with automated lead qualification processes; reduce marketing spend with lead nurturing; identify and prioritize qualified leads and align sales and marketing goals across the entire customer buying process.

Payment Processing from Merchant e-Solutions

SuitePayments, Merchant Account and Gateway: Learn how to get the best out of this relationship! Learn about the "single source" approach for global payment processing with secure, affordable and quick to implement payment solutions from Merchant e-Solutions (MeS), NetSuite's preferred payments provider, and see how real-life merchants benefit from the MeS and NetSuite payment integration. Suite Payments. Discover how through Suite Payments and MeS, you can reconcile to cash different payment flows, control multi-currency processing, and what you can do to manage and minimize chargebacks. Find out also how MeS can optimize your e-commerce or retail stores from payment types to funding and reporting.

Payment & Fraud Management with CyberSource

You need to drive revenue by supporting the broadest array of payment options—but at the same time efficiently minimize your businesses exposure to fraud. Getting it wrong can be expensive. A recent report by CyberSource found that e-commerce losses due to fraud reached $3.3 billion in 2009, averaging 1.2% of online sales. Join CyberSource experts and learn about best practices and the latest trends in payment and fraud management technology. You'll find out how CyberSource Decision Manager works hand in hand with NetSuite, helps you easily accept payments, improve order management efficiency, and drive down fraud rates.

Fact: Our research and field experience suggests actively managing your payments can deliver an incremental 5-8% more revenue capture, through a combination of cost savings and sales conversion. How? Your organization interacts with multiple payment services to convert orders into cash. These points of interaction can reduce order conversion if not managed properly: having the right payment types, authorizing and capturing payments, detecting suspicious orders, managing split shipments/back orders, and reconciling orders to payments received. Learn from the payment management experts on how you can be smarter with your payment operations and capture more revenue, while reducing your operational costs.

Make Payment Processing Fast, Less Costly and Tightly Integrated with Merchant e-Solutions

SuitePayments, Merchant Account and Gateway: Learn how to get the best out of this relationship! Learn about the "single-source" approach for global payment processing with secure, affordable and quick-to-implement payment solutions from Merchant e-Solutions (MeS), a NetSuite preferred payments provider, and see how real-life merchants benefit from an MeS-integrated SuitePayments solution. Discover how to reconcile to cash your various NetSuite orders, control multi-currency processing, and what you can do to manage and minimize chargebacks. Find out also how MeS can optimize management of both ecommerce and retail store payments with unified reporting for all locations and card types.

Cloud Data Integration from Informatica: Getting the Most from Your NetSuite Investment

Want to ensure maximum user adoption and long-term ROI from your cloud investments? Whether you're migrating, synchronizing, replicating or cleansing data within NetSuite—it's essential that you know your options and establish an integration plan. Over the past five years, Informatica has pioneered cloud data integration. This session will outline three main NetSuite data integration use cases: 1) front-office-to-back-office integration (CRM/ERP); 2) business intelligence and data warehousing; and 3) two-tier ERP implementations. Hear customer success stories, learn best practices, and find out about exciting new NetSuite connectivity and pre-built integration templates from the experts at Informatica, the independent market leader in data integration and NetSuite partner.

Wipro Shares Secrets To Gaining Competitive Advantage With Cloud Applications

The switch is underway, large enterprises are turning to the cloud to seek organizational agility and competitive advantage. They are transforming their organizations and enabling the extended enterprise, but are they succeeding? Join Wipro as we discuss how companies are succeeding in their transformational journey. Understand trends in enterprise cloud applications, best practices for success and adoption as well as how to approach your process reengineering challenges. Learn how Wipro can help companies become agile and increase their competitive advantage with cloud application solutions.


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