SuiteWorld Agenda: Breakout Sessions

Track 6: SuiteCloud Platform

Automated Testing of SuiteCloud Applications

Geared for anyone developing on the SuiteCloud platform, this session will introduce NetSuite's new unit test framework for applications, which allows developers working with the SuiteCloud platform to implement regression testing for their platform-built applications.

Best Practices for Administrators Working with SuiteCloud

NetSuite runs all internal operations on the NetSuite product, spanning all departments and more than 1,000 employees worldwide. In this session, our lead NetSuite Administrator will share advice and tips on the most effective way to organize and customize user roles and permissions, best practices on prototyping SuiteCloud customizations to meet specific departmental requests and how to effectively manage those customizations through version revisions and upgrades.

Building Applications with REST

The next major release of NetSuite will offer a new lightweight, flexible and standards-based framework to define custom RESTful integrations with NetSuite. This session introduces developers to a new script type called RESTlet, which creates new integration possibilities, including building mobile applications with the SuiteCloud platform.

Cloud Application Management with SuiteBundler

SuiteBundler is revolutionizing the cloud software application release and delivery for ISVs. This session provides insight into methodologies and best practices regarding development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of your solutions on the SuiteCloud platform. See how you can manage your installed base through the entire lifecycle of your application using the latest SuiteBundler toolset.

From the Front Lines: Experiences with SuiteCloud Development

There's nothing like hearing from developers who have first-hand experience building on the SuiteCloud platform. In this panel session, SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partners will share tips and tricks, best practices and lessons learned from their direct experiences developing successful applications using the entire SuiteCloud stack.

Reporting, Analytics & BI for Developers

Learn tips and best practices on incorporating business intelligence (BI) features like saved searches and ODBC into your SuiteApps and integration of external applications with NetSuite. Plus, get a special preview of new SuiteCloud APIs in the works for search and reporting.

SuiteCloud Platform: The Road Ahead

NetSuite Product Management will provide a view into the future of the NetSuite SuiteCloud development platform and will open up the floor for discussions with developers and administrators leveraging platform components such as SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk and SuiteBundler.

SuiteFlow: Managing Approval Processes

SuiteFlow provides an easy and powerful point-and-click, graphical environment to design and implement business processes. Examples of workflows are approval routing processes for transactions and lead nurturing processes such as drip marketing. This SuiteCloud session shows you key tips and tricks on how to implement a SuiteFlow to manage transaction approval processes from purchase orders to expense reports and sales orders.

SuiteScript for Business Process Optimization

SuiteScript is a JavaScript-based API that gives developers the ability to extend NetSuite beyond the capabilities provided through SuiteBuilder point-and-click customization. The majority of NetSuite business objects and their related events are programmatically accessible through SuiteScript. This session provides an introduction to SuiteScript and shows you how to use it to customize and optimize your business processes.

SuiteTalk Web Services: Tuning and Performance

SuiteTalk provides programmatic access to your NetSuite data and business processes through a SOAP-based API. This session focuses on best practices for fine-tuning your web services integration and performance optimization.


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