SuiteWorld Agenda: Breakout Sessions

Track 5: Executive Insights

Driving Budgeting, Planning, and Performance Management

If you're managing budgeting and planning on spreadsheets, then you've got room to improve! In this session, you'll learn how to tap the power of cloud-based financial planning. Size up the risks of spreadsheet-based budgeting and see a demo on using NetSuite Financial Planning for collaborative, real-time budgeting, planning and forecasting.

Driving Business Performance with Dashboards

Your organization can see performance in real time and drill down to the most granular transaction. But that's just the beginning. Find out how you can unlock the real power of dashboards, deploy metrics that matter, align stakeholders and drive truly actionable insight. Join dashboard experts and analytics enthusiasts and learn how you can maximize the power of NetSuite dashboards to drive business performance.

Engaging with NetSuite for Business Success

Are you engaging with NetSuite's account and service teams as effectively as possible? In this session, learn how to get your NetSuite issues answered in the most efficient way—whether you're engaging with professional services, support or your account manager. Explore the resources available to you, the best way to use them, and get a blueprint for ensuring both your organization and NetSuite are aligned for success.

Exec-to-Exec: The CFO Office and NetSuite

Find out how you can prime your finance organization for success with a session especially for finance executives. You'll hear from senior finance professionals, learn about the latest changes and challenges facing finance, and find out how to get the most from NetSuite to empower your finance organization. This forum provides the ideal environment for getting your questions answered and networking with peers.

Exec-to-Exec: The CIO Office and NetSuite

Cloud computing has freed your IT organization from maintaining business applications. Now IT is primed to really start innovating and optimizing business processes. But how do you turn your IT organization into an innovation machine? Hear from IT executives on how they optimized their IT organizations. Get your questions answered about best practices for customizing and building applications on NetSuite.

Exec-to-Exec: The Sales and Marketing Office

Deploying a marketing and sales force automation system is just the start. It's about driving sales adoption, building high-impact campaigns, managing your customer data, and ensuring both organizations are in lockstep. You've got the tools—now learn the best practices from a panel of executives who elevated their sales and marketing performance. Get your pressing questions answered and find out how to supercharge sales and marketing!

Exec-to-Exec: The Customer Support/Service Office

Customer satisfaction means ensuring sales, service and the back office are on the same page. Having a single view of the customer is a key to success. But forward-thinking customer service executives are advancing the state of the art by deploying strategies to monitor satisfaction, drive return business and reduce churn, turning customers into promoters. Get insights from tenured customer service executives about how they've gone from managing issues to driving customer delight.

Strategies and Tactics for Driving Collaboration and Efficiency

You've laid the foundations to break down business silos with NetSuite. Now it's time to both engineer truly cross functional business processes and optimize how your users are using NetSuite. Whether you plan to share dashboards and business metrics, build new workflows, or simply improve user efficiency, it takes planning, teamwork and cross-departmental thinking. Hear from your peers what tactics and strategies they use to improve collaboration and productivity with NetSuite.

Strategies for Driving User Adoption

A key success driver for any application is user adoption. Done right, it means you'll unlock value from NetSuite faster and get better employee collaboration. In this session, learn tactics to get users quickly on board with NetSuite—and turn them into departmental champions. Explore strategies for accelerating NetSuite adoption, ensuring everyone has the skills needed and applying adoption best practices to your business.

Trends in Cloud Computing: The Road Ahead

You thought big, took your business to the cutting edge of business computing, and left your competition in the business applications Stone Age. Now it's time think even bigger. Join a unique session where cloud computing visionaries will share insights into how cloud computing will change over the coming years. You'll learn about new and evolving technologies and get the perspective you need to stay ahead of the curve and tap the next wave of cloud computing.


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