SuiteWorld Agenda: Breakout Sessions

Track 4: Vertical Best Practices

Customer Panel: E-tailers

Hear from real NetSuite customers about how they're using NetSuite to optimize their business practices, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. They'll provide perspective on some of the challenges they had prior to running NetSuite, describe the reasons they chose NetSuite to run their businesses, discuss benefits they've realized, and provide insights into some of their future plans.

Customer Panel: Manufacturing

Join your peers in a panel session specifically for manufacturing businesses. You'll hear from executives of manufacturing businesses who'll provide you with insights into how they've optimized their manufacturing operations. They'll share best practices on how they're leveraging NetSuite to drive their performance. It's the ideal forum to get your questions answered, as well as learn the strategies for success that your peers are using today.

Customer Panel: Services Companies

This panel session brings together NetSuite OpenAir customers with unique views of what PSA has provided for their business in an interactive, informative format. 2011 is proving to be an exciting year of opportunity for the professional services sector. You'll learn the strategies for success that your peers are implementing today.

Customer Panel: Software Companies

Want to know what your peers at other software companies are doing to improve their company's efficiency and performance? In this panel discussion, senior executives from some of the hottest software companies will discuss their strategies for success in 2011. This session will provide you with the perfect opportunity to hear from fellow professionals, ask questions, and network with your peers.

Customer Panel: Wholesale/Distribution

This expert session is not to be missed for wholesale/distribution-focused professionals! Executives from WD companies will come together on a panel to discuss the outlook for wholesale distributors in 2011. They'll discuss the latest trends, share best practices for running their businesses, and speak about how they're leveraging NetSuite to drive their operations. It's a great forum for getting your questions answered and meeting fellow WD professionals.

Running an Ecommerce Business

Learn best practices on running an ecommerce business more efficiently. Hear about what other ecommerce companies are doing to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Discover tips and tricks in order management, marketing and customer support that will help you better leverage NetSuite.

Running a Manufacturing Business

The world of manufacturing continues to evolve, and cloud-based technologies are enabling tomorrow's leading businesses, large and small, to differentiate themselves from their peers. This session will focus on the NetSuite manufacturing product, the industry's first, cloud-based MRP solution. Speakers will discuss market opportunities, how NetSuite is focusing to address manufacturers' requirements, lessons learned from customer deployments, and finally discussion of customer successes and go forward strategies.

Running a Services Company

Join this session to learn how leading services organizations elevate their PSO's performance by running their entire enterprise in the cloud. We'll discuss the benefits of leveraging a single integrated system for CRM, PSA, ERP/financial and more, and hear directly from the product team running your entire business on a single system with NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP).

Running a Software Company

Tomorrow's software leaders are building recurring revenue businesses raising a new set of challenges for software companies including billing, revenue recognition and renewal management. Come learn how NetSuite is addressing the requirements of software companies with its latest release of NetSuite Software Company Edition.

Running a Wholesale/Distribution Business

Managing a wholesale and distribution business intelligently and efficiently across multiple products, locations and vendors is a daunting task without the right solution and appropriate processes. This session will cover industry best practices spanning from intelligent inventory management to demand forecasting to IT efficiency, and will address the role of SaaS in enabling wholesale distribution success.


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