SuiteWorld Agenda: Breakout Sessions

Track 3: PSA

Advanced Financial Analysis for Professional Services

NetSuite OpenAir provides you with the power to closely manage the financial performance of your professional services organization. This session will focus on forecasting to provide greater visibility into forward-looking financial information such as invoicing, revenue and costs based on resource staffing and project commitments. You'll learn how to use NetSuite OpenAir to keep a pulse on resource capacity vs. forecasted project work, in order to attain revenue targets and your fiscal plan.

Advanced Invoicing Best Practices with NetSuite OpenAir

Invoicing all of your clients accurately and on time is a complex process—but one of the keys to customer satisfaction and retention. It means effectively managing hourly billing, project-based billing, fixed fee, time and materials and more. By automating and tailoring the system to meet the needs of your billing process, you can improve your organization's efficiency and accelerate cash flow. In this session, you'll learn how to leverage NetSuite OpenAir's powerful advanced invoicing functionality to solve your unique billing needs.

Beyond Utilization: Driving Project Profitability

Billable resource utilization is a popular metric tracked by professional services organizations. While utilization is critical to driving a project-based business, it’s only one part of a successful business profile. Join this session to hear why tracking resource utilization alone can be misleading. Learn how tracking additional metrics such as profitability can provide a better end-to-end view of the success of your professional services organization, and get a demo of how you can put these metrics into action with NetSuite OpenAir.

Case Study: Driving a Global Software and Services Business

Are optimizing profits, streamlining operations and improving management visibility on the to-do list for your services business? This session will profile how one company uses NetSuite SRP to accelerate billing processes, increase the accuracy of invoices, provide faster client and executive reporting, reduce administrative overhead and streamline their global operations.

Optimizing Services: From Sales to Delivery to Billing

Join this session to hear case studies, tips, tricks and best practices to help drive your resource management and project management performance to the next level with NetSuite OpenAir. You'll learn how other businesses have leveraged the full power of NetSuite OpenAir to drive their services businesses performance.

Customer Panel: NetSuite OpenAir PSA Power Users

Back by popular demand, this panel session brings together NetSuite OpenAir experts in an interactive, informative format. Come hear from fellow users who have really tapped the power of PSA to get the most productivity from their professional services organization.

NetSuite OpenAir: Product Review & Roadmap

Join product strategy leaders for NetSuite OpenAir as they recap the past year's product updates and enhancements. Attendees at this session will be among the first to learn what the Product Management team has scheduled for the NetSuite family of services products in the coming year.

Professional Services Reporting: A Pervasive View of Your Business

Running a global, multi-department or multi-subsidiary services organization is a multi-faceted, complicated endeavor. How do you know that you're getting an accurate view of all of the aspects of your business? Attend this session and learn how NetSuite and NetSuite OpenAir can help you gain global visibility and control over your services organization.

Project Accounting Advanced Features

Tracking data that's right for your accounting system can be substantially different than tracking your traditional operational metrics. Learn how NetSuite OpenAir can provide the right information tailored to the specific individual needs of key stakeholders across the business. You'll learn how to provide the metrics—from providing them to your CFO, through to your Professional Services executives.

Resource Management & Skills Tracking

Resource optimization is essential to the success of any professional services organization and skills-based staffing is the key to optimizing resource allocation. Learn how building an effective skills matrix in NetSuite OpenAir can help you can best use your resources' unique skills, better support your overall business goals and client needs—and how the whole picture fits together.


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