SuiteWorld Agenda: Breakout Sessions

Track 2: Front Office (CRM, Ecommerce)

Benefits of Integrated Customer Service

Whether you're already enjoying the benefits of customer support / service functionality in NetSuite or looking to tap into this area of the Suite to improve your service delivery, this informative session is one you will not want to miss! You'll hear from product experts in CRM as they walk through case queue management, specialist routing, and online case forms. Get best practices in deploying customer self-service portals through NetSuite as well as how best to leverage the knowledge management functionality for both your internal teams and your customers.

Emerging Trends: Mobile Commerce

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming consumers' shopping vehicle of choice. In this session, you'll discover what the current best practices are for creating an interactive shopping experience on different mobile devices. You'll also learn how NetSuite ecommerce merchants are presenting themselves on mobile platforms, creating mobile enabled websites and apps, and improving their shoppers' experiences.

Emerging Trends: Social CRM

One of today's hottest topics of discussion is how to maximize the value of social networking, communities, online forums, blogs and all things social media to improve business performance. This session will feature insights on how you can incorporate social media technologies into your business and specifically to your CRM operations. In this informative, forward-looking session you'll hear from leading industry analysts on how to tap the power of social media technology, and get the latest news NetSuite's plans to leverage social media.

Five Ways to Increase Sales Productivity

Increasing sales team productivity by even a small percentage will have a big impact on your revenue. This session will arm you with the tools you need to improve your sales team's effectiveness. You'll learn how to build the most powerful sales dashboards, use NetSuite's upsell management capabilities, sales commission management, forecasting and lead scoring most effectively.

The Keys to Ecommerce Success: SEM and SEO

Getting search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) right is critical to maximizing traffic to your website. Learn from industry experts about how to maximize your reach without emptying your pockets. In this session, you'll hear about the latest best practices in these areas, as well as how you can configure NetSuite to optimize your site's search engine rankings, and use analytics to monitor and optimize your website's performance.

Marketing Automation Made Easy

Are you ready to take your marketing performance to the next level? NetSuite's powerful marketing automation capabilities can help get you there. This session will show you how to use NetSuite's built-in marketing automation features to provide closed-loop ROI from lead to closed transaction. Topics covered will include lead generation through online forms, creating campaigns with the Campaign Assistant, tracking campaign statistics and complete ROI reporting.

Marketing Weapons: Advanced Campaign Management

Whether you sell through a sales organization, partners or directly on the Web, lead generation and lead conversion are key focus areas that help drive sales. In this session you will learn how touse NetSuite's advanced campaign management tools to create, execute and optimize highly targeted marketing campaigns that will drive sales. You will also learn how to leverage lead nurturing or drip marketing to automate constant touch points with your leads that deliver a targeted message.

Sales Force Automation Made Easy

NetSuite provides a broad footprint of functionality and capabilities that you can tap into to optimize your front-office operations from opportunity to quote to order to cash. In this session you'll learn how to use NetSuite's unprecedented 360° customer view to deepen relationships through the sales process, leverage triangulated forecasting for better accuracy and pipeline visibility, and tailor Dashboards to maximize sales efficiency and drive sales through to close.

Optimizing & Customizing Ecommerce in NetSuite

NetSuite provides a broad footprint of functionality and capabilities that you can tap into to optimize your front-office operations while tightly connecting it to your back office—ensuring greater visibility into your pipeline from both internal sales and external partner teams, while driving forecast accuracy with triangulated forecasting and pipeline management.

What's Hot: Social Commerce

Social commerce is the hot new thing in ecommerce. In this session, you'll learn from top ecommerce merchants about how they're using social commerce to improve their business performance—from Facebook fan pages and shopping collaboration, to Twitter and more. This session will provide you with the tools to implement these programs with NetSuite, and show you how to facilitate your customers to share their shopping experiences with friends.


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