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NetSuite for Venture Capital Firms

NetSuite gives venture capital firms the confidence that their investments have the software backbone to grow to their full potential—from seed stage to IPO. A highly scalable and flexible system with outstanding reporting, NetSuite ensures that firms have clear visibility into their investments and can quickly generate accurate performance metrics to their own stakeholders or to the public markets.

Venture capital firms are aligned with NetSuite executives from the start to deliver a streamlined sales process and guaranteed preferred service. NetSuite’s optimized pricing structures for venture-backed companies and its tailored offerings ensure that investments are matched with the right solutions to ensure continued growth at the right price.

NetSuite for Venture Capital-backed Companies

Venture capital-backed companies undergo immense pressure to grow. From fundamentals, to expansion, to transformation, NetSuite provides the scalable framework necessary to capitalize on new opportunities and reach new markets. With optimized pricing structures and tailored offerings, venture-backed companies are matched with the right solutions to ensure continued success and build sustainable operational excellence. Deploying a single cloud system to manage your business streamlines day-to-day operations and provides a single version of the truth, which is essential when venture capital-backed companies and their systems go through the due diligence process.

NetSuite Customers Have Their Unfair Share of Growth:

2017 Revenue Growth
2017 Revenue Growth

*Using transactional count as an approximation for revenue growth.

NetSuite’s venture capital software accelerates value creation for companies with several key benefits:


  • As your business evolves, so too do your operational and financial needs. Whether you just received your first round of venture capital funding and are looking to establish an accounting foundation, or your latest series calls for an international expansion, NetSuite adapts to meet your needs and allows you to scale and professionalize your operations.
  • Call upon best practices from thousands of implementations to match your specific needs and position yourself to be successful through each stage of venture capital funding.


  • Drill-down capabilities and role-based dashboards allow for relevant, real-time information.
  • Out-of-the-box or easily customized financial reports support diligence for future liquidity events—fundraising, acquisition and IPO.
  • Manage risk and compliance with built-in processes and controls.


  • Preferred commercial terms (standard licensing, implementation and renewal discount terms) and a seamless sales process for each investment.
  • Single point of contact from pre-sales, signing, implementation and account maintenance.
  • Extensive network of investors and companies. Whether seeking seed funding, early-stage capital or later-stage financing, NetSuite’s venture capital software is respected by the top venture and private equity firms across the globe.

These benefits are delivered through NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Starter Edition for Venture Capital-Backed Companies.

SuiteSuccess Starter Edition
  • Includes standardized reporting metrics that improve monitoring of investments and support diligence for future liquidity events—fundraising, acquisition, IPO, etc.
  • Adopts 100% of our industry and financial leading practices.
  • “Activation”-style PS delivery that can get customers live rapidly in 45 days or less.

Venture Capital Backed Companies Thrive on NetSuite

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