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Primitive Logic

Primitive LogicFounded in 1984, Primitive Logic is the premier business consulting and technology services firm developing and implementing solutions that create value for market-leading corporations. Based in San Francisco, Primitive Logic provides full life-cycle management from strategy and planning through design, development and implementation.

Primitive Logic engages with a small team of highly skilled resources to remove these impediments and provide rapid, expertly constructed technology solutions—a foundation upon which our customers can evolve with company growth and advances in technology.

Primitive Logic has experience and depth of knowledge with large enterprises to the general business sectors. We offer a complete set of services that include:

  • Business Architecture
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Human Capital Management (Enterprise Resource Application Implementations and Financials)
  • Enterprise Content and Document Management
  • Customer, Partner and Employee Portals
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Services
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Health Care and Life Sciences
  • Computer Services / High Technology
  • Energy and Utilities




Business Architecture
Primitive Logic's Business Architecture Practice enables clients to decrease the costs and risks associated with defining and implementing strategic solutions. We achieve this through a market-leading and proven approach that has been refined over ten years of successfully helping our customers. Partnering with Primitive Logic has enabled our customers to align business strategy with information technology, to identify efficiencies and performance improvement opportunities, and to lower implementation costs by getting it right the first time.

Our Business Architecture offerings include:

  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Business Analytics
  • Process Analysis and Optimization
  • Business Requirements Definition
  • Business Process Automation

Architecture and Integration
Primitive Logic was one of the first to make SOA a reality for clients. We deploy enterprise-wide Service Oriented Architecture to implement game-changing business solutions. Leveraging our patent-pending Primitive Logic SOA Reference Model, we offer a complete set of services that bring products to market more quickly, create flexibility and agility, manage costs, and help our clients scale their businesses. Key Offerings:

  • Governance and Center of Excellence
  • Service Design and Implementation
  • Service Management and Versioning Service and Product (SOA|XTI)
  • SOA Boot Camp
  • Business Process Management Implementation and Process Templates (HCM)

Additionally, we are experts in solving complex integration challenges leveraging traditional integration technologies as well as state of the art SOA. We have the proven approach and skills to tackle your ERP, Database (ETL), B2Bi, and Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) integration challenges. Our key integration offerings include Any to Any Integration Capabilities and and Workday SAAS Integration Solutions.

Human Capital Management
Thought Leadership to deliver measurable results, or lower costs, and "Best Practices" to achieve sustainable business results come from our Human Capital Management practice. Primitive Logic successfully integrates multiple HR initiatives into a cohesive "Hire to Retire" HCM strategy. Our HCM offerings encompass proven techniques for reducing costs and increasing the success of mission critical initiatives. We help our clients bring senior leaders and their teams to a deeper understanding of their organizations capabilities using our HCM capabilities map and assessment tools. We also design and implement "Hire to Retire" business process architecture using HR "Best Practices" for enhanced service delivery models; and we deliver 54 Business Process Workflow Templates, including HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, which jump start companies' Six Sigma teams through automation of mission critical business processes. The practice provides systems assessments to review current capabilities and enhance or replace existing systems with a proven track record in selecting and implementing systems from PeopleSoft to the cloud, and supports leaders in transforming their organizations with our "10 steps to successful organization change" as the rapid accelerator to enhance organizational adoption of processes or technology.

Our HCM Practice offerings include:

  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Process Analysis, Optimization & Automation
  • Technology Selection & Enablement
  • Organizational Change Management & Alignment

Enterprise Content and Document Management
Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) experience runs deep, and continues to play a key role in our overall solutions. With our 10+ years of experience and award-winning implementations with both commercial and open-source platforms, Primitive Logic is truly the expert in this space. Primitive Logic helps our clients store, manage, and disseminate the wealth of knowledge and information in unstructured content by properly architecting, designing, and building content management systems. We help our clients to establish traceability amongst prioritized business drivers, requirements, and portal technology capabilities, to identify key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics, desired outcomes, as well as instrumentation to measure and capture empirical data, and to make it easy for business users to keep content fresh, with minimal IT involvement, reducing cycle times to minutes instead of hours or days.
Our ECM Practice solutions offerings include:

  • Content Management Strategy & Planning
  • Content Management Technical Architecture and Blueprints (access control, workflow, versioning rules, retention and disposition rules, publication, and syndication, etc.
  • Content Management Information Architecture (ontology, semantics, taxonomy, etc.)
  • Content Management Implementation
  • Content Management Training and Mentoring
  • Content Management Assessment and Remediation

Customer, Partner, and Employee Portals
With Primitive Logic, Portal is not just a technology buzzword—it is a platform to cut costs, increase revenue, improve collaboration, and increase customer as well as employee satisfaction. Our methodology of rapid prototyping, development, and constant business/end-user involvement insures success from Day 1 and beyond. Taking a SOA and open standards approach insures that the Portal solutions can meet today's and tomorrow's needs. We help our clients to establish traceability amongst prioritized business drivers, requirements, and portal technology capabilities, to identify key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics, desired outcomes, as well as instrumentation to measure and capture empirical data, and to deliver a superior user experience—delivering targeted content, personalization, and optimum collaboration.
Our Portal Practice offerings include:

  • Portal Strategy & Planning
  • Portal Technical Architecture and Blueprints
  • Portal Implementation
  • Portal Training and Mentoring
  • Portal Assessment and Remediation

Business Intelligence and Analytics
The key to optimizing your business lies in understanding your data. The first step is to know what questions to ask. Primitive Logic specializes in working with customers to align BI and Analytics solutions with the needs of the business. The result is the answers the business wants using scalable and cost effective solutions. By leveraging Primitive Logic, our clients maximize their BI and analytics investments, unlock hidden trends and patterns in data to promote more informed decisions, and gain more timely insight into how the business is performing.
Our Business Intelligence and Analytics Practice offerings include:

  • Business Intelligence Requirements Definition—business and technical
  • Technology Evaluations
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition and measurement
  • Data trend analysis
  • Data quality management best practices
  • Enterprise Data Modeling

Customer Relationship Management
Through economic cycles a focus on the customer is a proven and critical factor to business success. Primitive Logic can drive customer initiatives from strategy and planning through to CRM implementation, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and financial performance. We help our clients to define targeted CRM strategy based on best practices and their unique needs, to assess and optimize process performance across sales, services, and marketing, and to drive CRM implementations from requirements through rollout.

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics Practice offerings include:

  • CRM Strategy and Planning
  • CRM Process Assessment and Optimization
  • CRM Assessment and Vendor Selection
  • CRM Implementation

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