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Reporting — Tactical Intelligence

Standard, Custom Built, and Saved Search Reports give users clearly defined focus areas as well as tactical decision support on a periodic or as-needed basis.

Saved Searches: User-driven saved searches are easily created on multi-variant criteria and can then be published for ongoing use on a user's Dashboard and shared with others. There are also robust summary and grouping capabilities as well as highlighting and flagging tools for at-a-glance management. And maybe best of all, you can display saved searches on your Dashboard for continuous use.

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New in V2007.0: Point-and-Click Saved Searches: Building on NetSuite's history of enabling ad hoc reporting, saved searches have three new additions:

  • Formula Driven Analysis — The same powerful Excel-like operators available in Performance Scorecards can be leveraged for building formulas in saved search and can also be embedded in the resulting data set. In addition, statistical functions such as group, count, average, min and max can be applied to search results for easy data summarization and summarized data sets can have highlighting and formatting applied to call attention to rows with images or colored text when threshold criteria are met.
  • Emailed On Demand — Search-based analytics can be e-mailed on-demand to users on an automatic, scheduled basis for desktop and mobile access.
  • Summary Highlighting & Formatting — Text color or highlights can be used to group or summarize data. You can also add images to call attention to rows (e.g. use an exclamation point icon for urgency)

Standard and Custom Reports: SuiteAnalytics includes scores of standard reports across every business function supporting line of business operations through executives.

See NetSuite Reports

Report Customization: NetSuite uses AJAX extensively throughout its dynamic, graphical interface, enabling users to preview the report exactly as it will appear when run, as they build it — what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). This powerful report builder allows users to easily manipulate data columns, grouping levels and formulas within reports. The AJAX-powered reporting capabilities also help run businesses more effectively with the ability to search within report results, drag-and-drop adjustable column widths, mouse-over "jump to" links for quick report navigation, expand/collapse all hierarchical levels, expand/collapse to a specified hierarchical level, and pagination-free scrolling through results.

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