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NetSuite Assistants

NetSuite Assistants address the needs of growing mid-market businesses to perform complex ERP tasks with ease — from initial setup to data import to managing multi-dimensional product configuration options to configuring transactional form layouts and Ecommerce operations. NetSuite Assistants offer an organized and guided path through the multiple steps required to complete these powerful but complex tasks, significantly improving productivity across the business.

Small & Mid-size Businesses Want Easy ERP
NetSuite Assistants give businesses intuitive tools that facilitate easy deployment into the back-office from initial implementation to setup and ongoing system and content management reducing the burden of operations and empowering users to self-manage their areas of responsibility:

  • Setup Assistant: The Setup Assistant provides simpler initial system setup and ongoing maintenance for NetSuite. It promotes modular implementation during initial startup starting with key accounting tasks such as General Ledger, then moving into Inventory Management and other back-office operations while facilitating the roll-out of future add-on modules to other areas of the business such as sales and marketing with ease. Guided setup provides at-a-glance navigation of setup tasks. Ease of on-going maintenance is managed with powerful Setup Search that takes the user directly to the pertinent tasks. Related fields are grouped and clearly identified.
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  • Data Import Assistant: A guided, step-by-step interface with drag-and-drop field mapping greatly simplifies data import workflow for everything from initial Chart of Accounts setup to customers and product or service catalog imports. The assisted workflow is simple enough for end-users such as Warehouse personnel importing inventory items or Marketing Coordinators importing lead lists, but at the same time, supports powerful multi-file capabilities required by implementers to migrate relational — data into NetSuite while retaining complete historical notes. Customers can be imported along with their addresses and products can be imported with their price lists in one step regardless of whether the data is all in a single file or in multiple files. Import maps can be saved and re-used repeatedly, eliminating the need to map similar data structures multiple times. Finally, robust error handling, recovery and character handling are included, making it easier to deal with data cleansing.
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  • Graphical, Transaction Form Assistant: Graphical, drag-and-drop tools allow users to customize external-facing transaction forms such as quotes, orders and invoices which will be delivered via email or self-service to prospects and customers. A WYSIWYG editor with capabilities such as snap-to-grid makes object alignment simple and lets users easily create dynamic transaction layouts that incorporate corporate branding and industry-specific requirements for placement of form elements.
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  • Matrix Item Assistant: Complex inventory management for multi-variant products and inventory, such as fashion items with sizes/colors/fabrics, is made simple with guided steps that simplify the multi-task, complex workflow involved with managing multiple product configuration dimensions. Numerous catalog item options can be created on-the-fly and item specifics can be edited in-place. The result is that complex matrix relationships of product options are managed as a single parent with separate inventory levels for each individual matrix combination.
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  • Ecommerce Setup and Site Content Assistants: Step-wise guidance makes initial Web site setup simple regardless of whether the goal is to create an informational, corporate site or a dynamic, ecommerce operation complete with secure checkout and credit card processing. The Site Content Assistant provides a one-stop-shop for managing all ecommerce site content and acts as a complete site map, making it easy to understand exactly how things are organized on the site and clearly labeling any products or services which have not been categorized.
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