NetSuite SP100 Program

Program Overview: What You Need to Know about NetSuite

Your growing and mid-size customers are under intense pressures to cut costs and do more with less. Now, thanks to the NetSuite SP100 Program, you can offer them a solution that can tackle these mandates while you earn up to 100% margins and recurring revenues from subscriptions: NetSuite's web-based, integrated business management software suite.

NetSuite offers your customers a powerful end-to-end platform for managing all key business operations: accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and ecommerce. With no upfront fees and affordable monthly subscriptions, NetSuite can lower your customers' total operating costs, increase their return on investment (ROI) and improve productivity.

Key Benefits to NetSuite Partners

  • Broaden your portfolio. Introduce cloud computing—today's hottest business computing trend—to your customers and prospects with NetSuite's
    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Increase your recurring revenues. Add NetSuite's complete suite of business applications to your portfolio and leverage your business applications expertise. With the NetSuite SP100 Program, you'll earn:
    • 100% margins on new business
    • 50% margin on up-sells and other transactions
    • 10-30% margins on customer renewals.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Direct customers to a solution that can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and streamline their businesses, increasing retention rates.
  • Ramp up quickly. The NetSuite SP100 Program gives you the resources you need to quickly add NetSuite to your offerings:
    • Targeted sales and marketing support from experienced NetSuite channel executives and vertical market specialists
    • An advanced partner self-service portal that allows you to enter, track and manage leads as well as register opportunities for NetSuite support
    • Complete sales and technical enablement programs delivered onsite or online.

Key Benefits to Customers

  • NetSuite allows customers to manage their entire business with a powerful, integrated system that combines accounting, inventory, sales force automation, order management, inventory management, service, e-commerce and much more
  • NetSuite SaaS delivery dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating procurement, maintenance, legacy and other costs incumbent on traditional financial and business management software
  • NetSuite provides companies with real-time metrics that help them monitor key aspects of company performance—so that they can spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing and acting on it
  • NetSuite eliminates the need to manage multiple software systems and re-key data, thereby improving onsite and mobile productivity.

Get Started Today

To join, submit the NetSuite SP100 Program Application. Upon confirmation of acceptance into the program, you'll receive the training, tools and resources you need to promote and position NetSuite in your opportunities.

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