NetSuite SP100 Program

Program Features

New License Revenue/Margin 100%
Recurring Revenue/Margin on Renewals 10-30%
Services and Support Revenue 15%
Internal Use Products
Sales & Marketing  
Sales Support from a Seasoned, Dedicated Team
On-Demand Self-Service Resource Center
Real-Time Lead Registration
Use of NetSuite Logos and Trademarks
Co-Brandable NetSuite Website
Co-Branded Editions for your Customers
Co-Brandable Marketing Campaigns
Free Demonstration Accounts
Unlimited Test-Drive Accounts
Cooperative Marketing Funds
Technical Support and Training  
Sales Engineering/Product Demonstration Support
Unlimited Development/Proof Accounts
Priority Technical Support
Pre-Release Training
Pre-Release Schedules and Documentation
Product Webinars
Monthly Partner Newsletter
Annual Partner Conference
Program Requirements  
Experience Demonstrable sales/implementation experience of CRM, ERP and/or e-commerce applications
Dedicated Staff Minimum (1) NetSuite sales AND (1) service representative
Program Fee $5,000 annually
Training Fee Varies
Signed Agreement and Sales Plan
New License Sales Commitment (per year) $100,000

International Sites