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NetSuite Enables Sage Customers to Transform Their Performance by Taking Their Systems to the Cloud

Are you ready to supercharge your business processes? Tired of struggling with a hairball of aging business systems, fragmented reporting, and never-ending IT management costs? Switching from Sage to NetSuite's cloud solution enables companies to lower costs, streamline key business processes, boost productivity and be more competitive.

NetSuite lets you manage your business end-to-end with one integrated application—from accounting, inventory, sales, customer support, ecommerce, and more. No more juggling separate software applications and wasting time and resources maintaining and upgrading a hairball of on-premise software applications.

Learn about the benefits of switching to NetSuite, and read comments from customers who have made the switch.

Move from disjointed packages to one complete system. NetSuite supports your entire company with one system, eliminating redundant data entry and the time, cost, and errors associated with using separate systems for accounting, sales, customer support, marketing, inventory, website, and ecommerce. No matter what your most pressing challenge is—accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) or ecommerce—with NetSuite you can start anywhere.

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Sage has more than 30 different product lines that have been acquired over the past 15 years. Yet no single Sage product allows you to manage your entire business end-to-end.

Combining a patchwork of Sage products and its partner solutions leaves you with multiple islands of data and expensive integration projects that often don't work the way you want. Information often must be manually re-entered or batched into other applications—wasting time and money. You can end up running your business on incomplete information and guesswork.

NetSuite changes all that with one complete system for end-to-end business process management and real-time visibility, resulting in smarter, faster decision-making. While NetSuite integrates CRM, accounting / enterprise resource planning (ERP) and ecommerce into a single system, you can start anywhere with your most pressing challenge. When you're ready, you can easily extend your capabilities and enjoy all the benefits of an integrated suite with lower costs, more control and better visibility into your business.

Get a complete view of your company. With all your data in one system, you can see exactly what's going on in your entire business. NetSuite gives each employee a real-time, role-based dashboard with views into key business data across processes and departments—allowing you to make more informed business decisions faster.

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NetSuite keeps all your data in one system, so you can see exactly what's going on in your entire business. Real-time dashboards provide you with business intelligence across all areas of your company—from accounting and sales, to fulfillment and support. Self-customizable for each employee in your company, the dashboard offers instant snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as new sales orders, commissions, support cases, accounts receivable, or items to ship.

Now you can spend your time analyzing and acting on your key data, not gathering it and seeing missed opportunities after the fact.

Eliminate IT complexity and hassles. Sage's last SaaS offering—Sage Live—had to be shut down after less than a month due to security flaws. In contrast, NetSuite is a proven cloud solution that eliminates the cost of managing, maintaining, and upgrading business applications.

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Almost all Sage software requires that you manage the hardware, servers, and databases in addition to upgrading, troubleshooting, and maintaining the applications. And Sage's initial SaaS offering, Sage Live, had to be shut down after less than month.

Today, more than 6,000 mid-size companies across the globe depend on NetSuite's award-winning on-demand business management software suite to run CRM, accounting/ERP and ecommerce—all in a single system. Building on 10 years of experience in developing and implementing business-critical on-demand software, NetSuite provides multiple layers of data protection to ensure that your business information is accurate, accessible and secure.

Our world-class experts manage your application, upgrade the software seamlessly and provide reliable back-up and restore, all in a data center that is more secure and more reliable than you could ever hope to build yourself.

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) dramatically. NetSuite provides up to 59% total cost savings relative to a combination of Sage products, according to a study by a leading independent analyst firm, the Yankee Group.

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Countless studies have shown that web-based applications like NetSuite have significantly lower TCO than on-premise software—the architecture of almost all Sage products. When you add up the cost of the software license, maintenance, software and hardware upgrades, customization, support and more, you quickly see that NetSuite's web-based approach is the smarter choice for your IT budget now and in the future.

A study in the United States by a leading independent analyst firm, the Yankee Group, directly compared the TCO of NetSuite and a combination of Sage products (MAS90 and SalesLogix). The study concluded that NetSuite provides a dramatically lower TCO than the Sage offering, providing from 24% to 59% cost savings relative to Sage. NetSuite provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings in each of the four scenarios studied, ranging from US$199,000 to US$298,000 per company. Read the Yankee Group study.

Grow your company with broader business functionality. NetSuite provides built-in functionality that Sage doesn't have. For example, NetSuite is the only application provider that gives you an integrated Amazon.com-like website, ecommerce, and site analytics. And NetSuite is the only hosted CRM provider to provide integrated partner relationship management and incentive compensation.

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For example, NetSuite is the only application provider that gives you an integrated Amazon.com-like website, ecommerce, and site analytics. You'd have to bolt on a third-party provider's website with Sage 50, Sage 1000, MAS90 or 200, ACCPAC or SalesLogix.

NetSuite is also the only hosted CRM provider to provide integrated partner relationship management and incentive compensation. You can't get those capabilities with Act!, SalesLogix, or Sage CRM.

Access your business applications anytime, anywhere. As a cloud application, NetSuite can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world.

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As a web-based application, NetSuite can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world—ideal for companies with offices in multiple locations, geographically distributed warehouses or employees who travel frequently.

Switch to NetSuite easily without disrupting your business. NetSuite's solution is easy to migrate to and easy to use.

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NetSuite is easy to use. And we make migration easy too, so you can make the switch without interrupting your current operations.

Sage Customers Choose NetSuite

EnvisionWare (www.envisionware.com)
"Sage was the only reality that we knew, but in 90 days, all of our departments were integrated on one product—NetSuite. We're saving $75,000 versus what we spent on software previously, and our two-person IT staff can now focus on customizations and workflows to enhance our efficiency. In addition, we added 2% to our bottom line in the first year of using NetSuite. It's just awesome!"

—Michael Monk, Vice President and Co-Founder

Lightspeed (www.lightspeed-tek.com)
"NetSuite gives us a single view of the customer, rather than having customer data all over the place. We have strengthened customer support and customer relations, and we've been able to speed up order processing while improving system availability at the same time."

—Carl Cox, VP of Operations and CFO

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Laguna Tools (www.lagunatools.com)
"NetSuite has helped us streamline our operations, become more profitable, and it has given us the ability to grow without any limitations. My competitors are scrambling to catch up with us now. NetSuite has helped us in this economy: we move orders out faster, communication with our customers is better and in a documented and efficient method, and we're able to cut our costs significantly. NetSuite saves money, saves time and helps the bottom line!"

—Catherine Helshoj, VP and Owner

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AbilityNet (www.abilitynet.org.uk)
"We had previously used to Sage to manage our finances but it just wasn't up to the job. With NetSuite, we're firmly back in control and have improved life for our users and our customers."

—Eliot Martin, Client Services Director

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Innovise plc (www.innovise.com)
"The advanced functionality of NetSuite, with features such as income recognition, has saved us a lot of time and improved the accuracy of the accounts, which we just did not get with Sage."

—Tony Edwards, Finance Director

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Opta Sports Data (www.optasportsdata.com)
"Since migrating from Sage Line 50 to NetSuite, our sales process has become much more closely integrated with the finance function."

—Patrick Murray, CFO

Redstor Limited (www.redstor.com)
"NetSuite has transformed our business. Now we have immediate access to up-to-date, accurate reports, enabling us to continue our growth, by identifying and focusing on the most profitable elements of the business."

—Steve Harcourt, Service and Delivery Manager

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