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The NetSuite-HP Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why was the NetSuite-HP Partner Program created?
    HP and NetSuite saw a unique opportunity to provide cloud computing solutions to the HP installed and prospect base. NetSuite provides small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) with a single integrated system—delivered over the Internet as a subscription-based service, or Software as a Service (SaaS)—to manage key business processes in real time, including customer relationship management (CRM), accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-commerce. The NetSuite applications are hosted on a variety of HP hardware platforms. This new program enables HP Channel Partners to offer a total cloud computing solution and qualify to earn a referral fee from NetSuite.

    For more information, read the press release.

  2. What are SaaS and Cloud Computing?
    SaaS stands for "Software-as-a-Service." Typically, companies incur high costs of acquiring software licenses, implementation fees, maintenance costs and other IT expenditures to purchase and deploy traditional "on-premise" software solutions. NetSuite offers a complete suite of business applications "on demand" or "as a service." Customers simply pay a relatively low up-front initial fee and annual per-user subscription fees to access the system. NetSuite manages the hardware, software, updates and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

    This type of business model is also known more generally as "cloud computing," where applications and services are hosted and available to end users via the Internet "in the cloud."
  3. What type of compensation is offered to HP referral partners for this program?
    HP Channel Partners will receive a 10% referral commission on net license and support revenue paid to NetSuite, for up to the first three years of the subscription, to be paid upon receipt by NetSuite. The lead submitted by the HP Channel Partner becomes commissionable when it is accepted by NetSuite and is closed/won (the lead enters into a subscription services agreement with NetSuite).
  4. What types of applications does NetSuite provide?
    NetSuite provides a range of critical business processes, including back-office applications like accounting and finance, purchasing, inventory, and payroll; front-office applications like sales force automation (SFA), marketing, service/support, and order management; and e-commerce to manage a company's Web store, online transactions and Web site. With NetSuite, all of these processes are completely managed by a single integrated application, delivered on-demand. Lean more about NetSuite.
  5. Who is the target customer?
    NetSuite is ideal for mid-size organizations or divisions of larger enterprises. NetSuite customers range from as little as 50 employees to as many as thousands of employees. Target industries include software, professional services, IT resellers, retail, e-commerce, wholesale/distribution, light manufacturing, and media/publishing.
  6. How long does it take to deploy NetSuite?
    NetSuite offers both guided self-implementation and shared implementation consulting services. Typical implementations range from 90 days to six months for more complex installations.
  7. Is NetSuite available worldwide?
    Yes, NetSuite is sold globally has more than 6,000 existing customers.
  8. How do I register a new lead?
    HP Channel Partners will have access to the NetSuite-HP Partner Program portal. The site requires a user-specific log-in and allows Channel Partners to register and track the lead status through the entire sales cycle. Upon initial registration, NetSuite will inform the HP Channel Partner who submitted the lead whether it has been accepted by NetSuite.
  9. How does the NetSuite-HP Partner Program differ from the existing NetSuite Referral-Based Program?
    The NetSuite-HP Partner Program differs from the standard NetSuite referral program in that it allows HP Channel Partners to earn annual commissions for up to a total of three years for each closed/won lead submitted to NetSuite by the Channel Partner. This renewal commission will be dependent upon each customer's annual renewal of its NetSuite subscription.
  10. How do I communicate with NetSuite about the leads I've submitted?
    Once a lead is registered and accepted, it will be directed to a NetSuite sales representative, who will work directly with the HP Channel Partner and prospect through the entire sales cycle. HP Channel Partners will also be able to view lead progress within the NetSuite-HP Partner Program portal. In addition, NetSuite has set up a dedicated toll free number (1-877-638-7848) that can be used to access both general and technical support.
  11. My company provides implementation services. How do I learn to implement NetSuite?
    NetSuite offers functional and technical courses providing HP Channel Partners with the opportunity to learn how to implement, customize, and integrate a customer's NetSuite account. Visit the SuiteTraining pages for detailed agendas, pricing, and schedules.




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