NetSuite tops and Siebel CRM OnDemand in key sales categories in latest Forrester Research Hosted Sales Force Automation (SFA) TechRankingsTM study. 

NetSuite is ranked as the top SFA solution for Sales Management, Forecasting, Dashboards, Opportunity Management, Activity Management, and Customer/Partner Portals.


NetSuite pushed aside the perceived leader in hosted CRM,, topping them in more than 30 key functional areas.

Sales Management 4.6 3.9
Functional Breadth 5 3
Dashboards 5 4
Opportunity Management 4.5 2.8
Lead Management 4.5 4.5
Forecasting 4.6 4.5
Quotas 5 4
Quote Generation 5 2
Quote to Order 5 1
Discount 4 2
Sales User Scenario 4 3
Partner Portal and Customer Portal 5 3
Offline Client 3 2.3
Interface 5 3
Look and Feel 5 4
Pricing and Products 4.7 4.3
Document Management 4.3 3.7
Search 5 3
Localization 5 4
Deduping 5 4
Queries 5 3
Activity Management 4.8 4.3
To-do List 5 3
Calendar 5 4
Recording Call Sheet 5 3
Save 5 3
Share 5 3
Categorization 5 3
Product Setup 5 3
Deployment Options 3 1
Revenue Growth 4 3


Check out why, in Forrester's words, NetSuite got top rankings in key SFA categories and read more about how you too can take advantage of these market-leading tools.

Sales Management
"NetSuite scores the highest overall on sales management, largely because of integrated ERP functionality like quote generation, quote-to-order, and quantity-based discounting. The vendor has also taken advantage of its field-leading product management by building support for product-based quotas and forecasts. NetSuite's built-in tools for detecting duplicate records and merging them further strengthen its overall ability to manage the sales process."

Functional Breadth
"NetSuite has the broadest solution in the hosted SFA field, spanning ERP, CRM, and ecommerce. It also includes a Web store, making it a strong fit for online retailers. Its built-in financials lets it support features that most CRM vendors can't, like automatic bonus calculation based on sales and quotas. The product includes partner and customer portals for ecommerce."

NetSuite "Users and administrators can fully customize the landing page for each tab to create separate management dashboards for opportunities, accounts, and activities. They can also customize the home page to show the most important reports and information and arrange sections of the page through drag-and-drop."

Opportunity Management
"NetSuite's ERP heritage and dedication to being an all-in-one CRM and ERP make it the field leader in opportunity management with built-in functionality for generating quotes, converting quotes into orders, changing product mixes at any time, setting up quantity-based discounting, and applying on-the-fly discounts."

Lead Management
"NetSuite has a strong lead management functionality, including automatically promoting lead records to customer records when an opportunity is turned into a sales order."

"NetSuite leads the field in forecasting with a detailed audit trail, support for revenue-based and product-based quotas and forecasts, and multiple ways of looking at a forecast, such as expected value, best case, and pipeline."

NetSuite "Supports revenue-based quotas, including product-specific quotas and team quotas."

Quote Generation
NetSuite "Users can add products to opportunities and generate a quote with one click for emailing, faxing, or printing."

" doesn't create quotes; users could set up mail merge for this."

Quote to Order
NetSuite "Reps can turn a quote into a sales order with one click for emailing, faxing, or printing."

" released built-in contract support in 2004 but doesn't support adding products to a contract; order management would require custom product fields and integration with order management system through APIs."

NetSuite "Users can select preset discounts at the item level on opportunities, quotes, and orders.  Users can apply a numeric discount or promotion rate at the quote/order level or at the item level, depending on how the administrator sets up the system."

Sales User Scenario
NetSuite's "In-line editing saves time by letting reps update some information from the main list of opportunities without drilling down into edit mode."

Partner Portals and Customer Portals
NetSuite "Product includes partner and customer self-service portals."

Offline Client
"NetSuite's brand-new offline client, released in late 2004, already ekes out a higher score than some competitive offerings. The offline client includes leads and the ability for customizations done online to carry over into the offline client, including custom JavaScript for workflow. Advanced capabilities like forecasting, reporting, quote generation, and quote-to-order are not available in this first release but are planned for future release."

NetSuite "Users can construct queries based on multiple fields using standard operators, such as contains and greater than. Supports all records search on a keyword, as well as context-sensitive quick search."

Look and Feel
NetSuite "Users can select which fields and tabs are seen and hidden."

Pricing and Products
"NetSuite's legacy as an ERP system gives it robust product support, including full support for a product hierarchy with built-in support for capturing detailed product attributes and organizing products into pricebooks."

Document Management
"NetSuite leads the field in built-in document management with strong support for organizing and searching documents."

NetSuite allows you to "Search on date, owner, or keyword."

NetSuite "Localization features include tax, reporting, and e-mail campaign regulations."

NetSuite "System includes runtime tool for detecting duplicates based on user's choice of matching fields."

"NetSuite leads the field in querying functionality with support for queries based on multiple fields, as well as saving and sharing those queries."

Activity Management
"NetSuite has strong support for managing activities, including strong group calendaring capabilities and a unique ability to handle in-line editing, which reduces the need for drill-down and minimizes the number of steps required to complete a task."

To-do List
NetSuite "To-dos appear on activities home page next to calendar."

NetSuite's "Calendar offers views for daily, weekly, and monthly schedule."

Recording Call Sheet
NetSuite has "Built-in support for call sheets."

NetSuite "Users can save quick searches, as well as more complicated multifield queries."

NetSuite "Users with appropriate access rights can make queries public."

NetSuite allows you to "Search on date, owner, or keyword."

Product Setup
NetSuite "Supports product hierarchy and range of product types."

Deployment Options
"NetSuite offers hosting on a private server." does not.

Revenue Growth
NetSuite has "More than 200% annual growth rate."


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