Another ERP Upgrade Hanging Over your Head?

Learn How the Cloud Can Make Your Next ERP Upgrade the Last You'll Ever Need

Tired of sinking time and dollars into risky, painful ERP upgrades?

You are not alone. In fact, according to Forrester Research, 50% of ERP customers are stuck with aging ERP that may be four or more years old.

Cloud ERP eliminates "version-lock" and enables innovation with automated upgrades. It's why brands like Groupon, Spandex America, Olympus and more than 12,000 other organizations are using NetSuite, the world's #1 cloud ERP.

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See How Groupon Expanded into 49 Countries in Less than a Year with NetSuite.

In this white paper, The 8 Ways Outdated ERP Damages Your Business, learn how aging ERP systems are holding back your business, and:

  • How outdated ERP drains your IT budget, with 50%-90% consumed by
    maintenance and upgrades
  • Why old ERP can't keep pace with the globalized mobile business
  • How Groupon used the cloud to deploy ERP across 49 countries in less than a year
  • How Commco eliminated tens of thousands of dollars in IT costs by dropping
    SAP R/3 for NetSuite.

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How our customers kept pace with evolving business demands by upgrading to Cloud NetSuite

Spandex America



"We were spending 3% of our revenue on SAP. By switching to NetSuite, we reduced that cost to 0.1% of revenue. SAP's lack of flexibility forced us to adjust our businesses processes to the software rather than the other way around and required us to use expensive consultants."

"Moving to NetSuite enabled us to cut IT costs by nearly $300,000 and focus our resources on adapting our ERP to supporting rapid change, without fear of version-lock. We knew that our SAP R/3 system wouldn't keep pace with our evolving business needs. SAP was simply inflexible for our custom demands."

"We were running an aging in-house system that was simply incompatible with our business goals. We chose NetSuite because we needed an ERP that was fast to deploy, proven to drive down TCO, and was flexible enough to efficiently support our customization needs and distributed business model."

CFO, Spandex America

Spandex America

Director of IT, RedBuilt


COO, Olympus