NetSuite Ecommerce

Ignite Site and Ignite WebApps

The new NetSuite Ignite Commerce platform enables the creation and deployment of powerful Ignite WebApps that support the next level of customization, control and flexibility for NetSuite Ecommerce. They provide you with the potential to elevate your shopper experiences so they're more interactive, polished and engaging than ever before.

Ignite WebApps allow customizing key NetSuite webstore Touch Points with familiar HTML and SuiteScript and provide even more flexibility to use other ecommerce platforms to conduct commerce easily with NetSuite.

NetSuite Ignite Commerce combines a robust commerce API, powerful SuiteScript Server Pages and new touch points in NetSuite webstore to enable you to create highly customizable Ignite WebApps. Key components include:

  • Ignite Commerce API, based on SuiteScript, that delivers access to objects for deep customization of the NetSuite Ecommerce experience, including the shopper session, customer object, order object, promotion object and more.
  • SuiteScript Server Pages that enable the creation of rich interactive pages by combining static HTML with dynamic content using SuiteScript.
  • NetSuite webstore Touch Points that redirect the standard webstore user interface to a SuiteScript Server Page to display a custom user interface. Touch Points include Log In, Log Out, Cart, Checkout, Registration and Customer Center.

New Reference Cart and One-Page Checkout

NetSuite's new Reference Cart and One-Page Checkout, built on the new Ignite Commerce platform, provides a best practices foundation for NetSuite Ecommerce customers to rapidly deploy a powerful new shopping experience for customers. Based on industry best practices, this reference implementation incorporates all the look and feel and capabilities typically found in the shopping cart and one-page checkout of some of the world's leading web stores.

Built on an open architecture to allow for highly customizable cart and checkout, it provides customers and partners with access to a rich library of Web Store objects and APIs, enabling a modern AJAX implementation of cart and checkout.

This reference implementation will be available as a SuiteApp and offers out-of-the-box functionality together with a foundation for customization to meet individual needs.

Multi-Site Enhancements:
Customize Text and Email Templates by Site

With this release, NetSuite makes it easy for multi-site merchants to provide an even better experience to their shoppers and customers. It enables merchants with multiple sites to customize each website with site-specific details, including emails, error messages, headings, list options, alerts, buttons and field labels, enabling a more fully branded experience for visitors.

In addition, merchants with multiple sites can now send site-specific webstore emails to their customers, providing a fully branded experience from shopping and order email confirmation to fulfillment notification and more. NetSuite supports site-specific "from" email addresses and site-specific email templates for all webstore emails and in every supported language, covering order received, order approved, order fulfilled, order canceled, gift certificate, checkout errors, digital downloads, license codes, etc.

Payment Gateway Support for Australia

NetSuite Version 2012.1 expands on NetSuite's online payment capabilities in Australia by integrating with SecurePay, a local payment gateway provider. SecurePay's payment gateway technology and merchant services provide Australian retailers with a flexible, cost-effective solution to their online payment needs and the confidence of working with a recognized leader in Australia.

This functionality is planned for April 2012.

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