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Reply to and Forward Messages with NetSuite Email

With NetSuite Version 2012.1, business users can easily manage all their email communication from directly within NetSuite. NetSuite email messages attached to entities and transactions now include "reply," "reply to all" and "forward" buttons, enabling users to continue their email conversations from within NetSuite, just as with their day-to-day email application. This makes it easy to ensure all exchanges are logged against the appropriate records and that there is a full history of all communication.

Sales Center Usability Enhancements

NetSuite is pleased to offer an Enhanced Sales Center SuiteApp in this release that provides an easier to use and more intuitive experience for sales users.

Designed based on feedback from sales professionals, the Enhanced Sales Center SuiteApp provides a new layout for tabs, dashboards, search and entry forms, to help salespeople navigate, search and enter data faster and more efficiently.

After deploying the Enhanced Sales Center SuiteApp, administrators can use four new enhanced roles including Enhanced Sales Center Sales Rep, Enhanced Sales Center Sales Manager, Enhanced Sales Center Sales Admin and Enhanced Sales Center DB Publisher.

Assigning sales users to the enhanced sales roles provides them with a new, easy tab structure that's more aligned with daily sales tasks. For example, tabs are named Leads, Opportunities, Customers, Contacts, Forecasts and so on. In addition, sales forms have an improved layout with only the necessary fields on them, while field names are easier to recognize and more informational to aid sales productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience for Global Customer Support Organizations

To maximize customer service, global support organizations must be able to ensure that customers are engaging with the specific brand feel for each subsidiary during the support interaction. It's key to be able to tailor the support experience to each subsidiary, from specific main support email addresses to email template look and feel, to reflect the brand of the subsidiary.

With NetSuite OneWorld Version 2012.1, global businesses can now brand subsidiary-specific support communication exchanged with customers for each of the subsidiaries they operate in. Administrators gain the flexibility to set up email notification templates, and designate a main support email address as well as an inbound case email address, that are all unique to each subsidiary.

In addition, support managers now have more control over the cases support reps can access with the ability to restrict access based on the subsidiary of the customer. To restrict cases based on the subsidiary, go to Setup Tab > Support Preferences > and check on the preference "Restrict cases based on subsidiary."

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