NetSuite Ecommerce

Scriptable Cart Messaging

Scriptable Cart Messaging in Version 2011.2 ensures that you can provide a great experience to your customers no matter where they are in the shopping process, by providing messaging that integrates seamlessly with your website's look and feel.

With a set of new Web site tags developed specifically for the Scriptable Cart, you can add custom dynamic messaging wherever web site tags can be displayed. You have a choice of persistent messages, one-time messages (pop-up messages) or cart line messages, enabling you to select the right type of messages based on your customers need.

Google Analytics Integration

NetSuite provides a number of new enhancements to Google Analytics integration with Version 2011.2. This feature enables seamless integration between your Webstore account and your Google Analytics account. The fields where you can enter the tracking pixel, onclick attributes, and order tracking HTML are now integrated and will appear together on the same setup page in NetSuite.

This feature allows for cross-domain tracking from your shopping pages to secure checkout; enabling you to more easily track end to end conversion.

This feature also provides new tags that make eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics easier; enabling you to track item level detail including SKU or name, description, quantity and unit price, and order level information including order number, order subtotal, tax and shipping information.

Web Store Performance Enhancements

NetSuite is focused on providing the most responsive Web Store experience for your customers. With this release, NetSuite has optimized Web Store performance to remove any bottlenecks identified on Web Store servers, substantially improving page load times. Preliminary data showed an average improvement of — 40% to 60% on homepage server response time; 15% to 25% on category page server response time and 10% to 40% on product detail server response time.*

*The individual results may vary and are dependent on site design


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