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Last Sales Activity SuiteApp

In addition to addressing over 100 CRM issues since the beginning of 2011, Version 2011.2 also includes an often requested new feature for effectively managing sales activity.

It's vital for sales organizations to ensure that the right sales activities are being performed in a timely manner for every lead and prospect, and with the new Last Sales Activity SuiteApp you can ensure that revenue opportunities never slip through the cracks by enabling sales teams to easily track sales activities.

By deploying the Last Sales Activity SuiteApp, a Last Sales Activity field is added to all lead, prospect, customer, contact and opportunity records. It automatically tracks the last date a sales activity was performed, and makes it easy to drill down to the underlying last sales activity. If the last sales activity was at contact or opportunity level, these updates are automatically rolled up to the company level, allowing for complete top-down visibility.

Additionally, dashboard reminders and portlets help keep sales reps on track by flagging leads or prospects that have gone without contact for an extended period of time. You can even create Saved Searches using the new field to quickly establish which leads haven't been touched recently.

Sales administrators can define the specific types of records that are counted as valid sales activities, and can further narrow the definition of a sales activity by only counting activities in a completed status such as completed events, tasks, and calls.

Product Affinity Analysis

If you know which products your customers typically buy together, then you're well positioned to drive more revenue. Identifying "product affinities" or correlations between products enables you to target product upsell promotions for existing customers and to exploit historical product buying patterns. This drives more revenue during the buying process and increases the size of their "market basket".

NetSuite now provides this advanced analysis with the Product Affinity Analysis feature. Use a Saved Search to understand the correlations between your products and customers. This feature combines powerful analytics with the flexibility of Saved Search to gain valuable insight into customer product buying patterns, making it easy to create a simple query to find items that are typically sold together.

This feature enables your marketing team to analyze buying behavior to create targeted campaigns for upsell. Your ecommerce team can position products together to effectively drive further revenue, and your sales team can cross-sell and upsell with better results in the sales process.

QuickView Summaries on Record Link Hover

With NetSuite Version 2011.2, it's easy to get summary record information and take actions quickly by hovering over select record links.

There's no longer any need to open forms to get key information. Just hover the mouse over the record name, and a QuickView will appear providing summary information and links to key actions. QuickViews are now available for most key records, including customers, contacts, leads, employees, vendors, opportunities, sales orders, events, tasks and more.

New Language Support: Dutch and Canadian French

NetSuite now supports the user interface in two additional languages—Dutch and Canadian French. This brings the total number of languages now supported to 17—English (International), English (U.S.), Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Dutch, and Canadian French.

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