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Is your customer’s journey a happy one?

Fashion apparel retailers must offer their customers a great shopping experience if they want to survive in today’s competitive market. Fashion apparel, and retail as a whole, is undergoing a massive revolution and consumer expectations are fueling this transformation. Consumers want retailers to provide them with a unified, personalized and innovative shopping experience across all shopping channels and devices.

The passé approach

To address this challenge, most retailers are forced to apply temporary patches to disjointed and costly legacy systems that can never be fully connected. The result is broken processes and siloed data that leaves retailers reluctant to invest in omnichannel solutions that could provide invaluable insight into customer needs and preferences. This passé approach leaves fashion retailers unable to keep pace with consumer expectations.

On-premise, departmental solutions that require complex integration between systems do not solve the problem. The data becomes fractured and out of date, creating scenarios where retailers have multiple systems for CRM, order management, ecommerce and in-store. This creates a foundational flaw in the retailer’s ability to provide omnichannel service and personalization, holding them back during a time of rapid transformation.

Stairway to Customer Experience Nirvana

Retailers must start treating their business strategically. That means starting with your customer’s desired shopping experience, then building the right system around it. This requires a unified commerce platform that provides a single view of the customer, inventory and order management. That in turn enables the coordination between different channels, which retailers have been pursuing for almost a decade.

NetSuite realizes that solving omnichannel and thus customer experience is not about executing a one-time upgrade or deploying another point solution. We see the path forward as a "stairway." This approach generally begins with a foundational phase and builds towards a unified commerce solution, thus solving omnichannel and providing a platform for customer experience nirvana.

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Lucky Brand—Moves fashion forward with NetSuite OneWorld to power mission-critical business operations.

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