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Trusted by more than 40,000 organizations

“With NetSuite, we have better financial data right at our fingertips to measure KPIs across balances, sales rep performance and transaction monitoring, all posted right within the application.”

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“NetSuite was an industry favorite, and I had a lot of folks within my space who suggested it.”

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“With NetSuite, we are able to see any potential issues ahead of time, which allows us to become very proactive rather than reactive.”

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W2O Group

“NetSuite gave us the agility to adapt to change and the scalability that we needed. It’s been critical to entering new markets quickly, efficiently and effectively”

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“We just weren't getting the capabilities and support we needed from FinancialForce. We brought NetSuite in and they hit it out of the park.”

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“We're very mission focused. We're serving the people who need us the most and we require detailed financial visibility to accomplish that. NetSuite provides it.”

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“We wanted a single platform for ERP, ecommerce and POS. With NetSuite, we’re able to see customers who shop online and in stores, and build loyalty in a broader sense.”

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“NetSuite has definitely given us the scalability for rapid growth. We can focus on what we do best in kegging premium wine rather than manual work with orders, inventory and accounting.”

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