Virtual Training

Virtual Classroom...Rich Training, without Expensive Travel.

NetSuite Training Virtual ClassAll the benefits of a classroom environment without the cost of travel… what's not to love? The SuiteTraining Virtual Classroom provides a rich learning experience with the convenience and flexibility of sessions scheduled in global time zones.

Our virtual classes are designed to be highly interactive and are taught by seasoned NetSuite instructors, who are also experts at working in the virtual environment.   Students are encouraged to ask questions, engage in text chats with the instructors or other students, and participate in group activities and interactions. 

The virtual environment makes it simple to share information with the class or 1:1 with an instructor.  Virtual training allows you to participate in discussions, express your opinion, and even take a coffee break just as you would in a classroom setting!

Experience the Virtual Classroom!

What's it like to attend a Virtual Classroom session? What tools do we use to make the experience interactive?

Check out this video and see for yourself.

What do customers think of the Virtual Classroom?

  • "Web training is both cost effective and convenient. Keep offering courses on the web!"
  • "The Virtual class was very well done. It was better than most on premise classes."
  • "The virtual classroom was great because there were no travel expenses. It was also well organised and well presented. I was a little worried at first, because I had never attended a virtual training, but this was much better than I anticipated."
  • "The virtual classroom was beneficial to us in that we are a small company with only 2 IT resources. Via the use of the virtual classroom we were able to stay in our office and take the training course (hence increasing our skills with NetSuite) while still supporting our end users in a timely manner."
  • "This was better than I expected and better than similar experiences with learning other software systems."
  • "This virtual class was a good combination of convenience, flexibility and learning while meeting the objectives that I had in mind."
  • "The virtual format was a nice surprise. I was expecting less interactivity but they proved me wrong. This is a really effective delivery format."

For more information regarding our SuiteTraining Virtual Classroom, check out our FAQ page.