Manage Global and Local Back Office Operations with NetSuite OneWorld

Global ERP Solutions

Hong Kong’s #1 Cloud Global Business Management System

NetSuite OneWorld helps Hong Kong companies remove the complexities of managing multinational and multicompany operations to drive efficiencies and support new growth initiatives. NetSuite helps you move into new markets with the ability to adjust for local currency, taxation and legislative differences, with regional and global financial consolidation and roll-up, in one cloud-based system. Gain an unprecedented view into your overall operations worldwide, ensuring standardised, compliant management across your global enterprise.


  • Global Accounting and Financial Consolidation
  • Comprehensive Multicurrency Management
  • Audit and Accounting Compliance Reporting
  • Extensive Language Support
  • Configurable Tax Engine


Global Financial Consolidation

Handles multiple levels of consolidating reporting with multiple currencies and automated currency rate updates for accurate reporting that reflects currency conversion.

Close Books Quickly and Confidently

Significantly reduce the time and cost spent on closing and reporting with robust real-time management and financial automation.

Global Inventory Management and Sourcing

Efficiently manage inventory and fulfilment across multiple sites with product items represented globally or by each subsidiary.

Real-Time Visibility across Worldwide Operations

Get a deep, role-based real-time view and instant drill-down insights across the corporate hierarchy of subsidiaries for improved financial reporting and decision making.


Indirect Tax Compliance

NetSuite OneWorld Indirect Tax Compliance delivers effective transparency, automation and control for indirect tax.

Financial and Accounting Regulations

Used by more than 20,000 organisations in more than 110 countries, NetSuite OneWorld ensures compliance with ever changing accounting standards and regulations.

Configurable Tax Engine

Includes preconfigured tax codes for the requirements of over 50 countries plus a flexible, highly configurable indirect tax engine.

Comprehensive Multi-Currency Management

Handle multiple currencies with support for over 190 currencies and a range of payment options.

Audit and Compliance Reporting

Ensure compliance with local and global regulations through electronic audit, always-on audit trail, built-in analytics and enhanced compliance support.