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Marketing Automation

Streamline Marketing Campaigns with Automation to Drive Leads

Planning, executing and reporting on the right marketing programs is key to building a robust sales pipeline. However, many companies today fail to make that vital alignment between marketing campaigns and sales execution.

NetSuite CRM+ includes powerful marketing automation software that allows you to effectively target, build, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns and simplify lead qualification and conversion.

NetSuite's marketing automation system lets you track and measure a prospect's activity, nurture leads through the pipeline and set pre-defined lead scoring criteria to ensure that highly qualified leads are passed to sales as soon as they are met.


Streamline Multichannel Campaign Management

Efficiently create and execute marketing programs across multiple channels, including email, website, events and social media.

Align Sales and Marketing

Help your sales and marketing teams work closely together to increase lead and opportunity numbers and quality, and quickly convert prospects into customers.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Guide and nurture your leads and prospects through the buying cycle to the ultimate sale by delivering targeted, personalised content at the right time and place.

Achieve Real-Time Visibility

Get marketing metrics across marketing processes, campaign performance and measure and prove marketing ROI based on analytics.


Lead Reporting and Analytics

Better understand your marketing programs with comprehensive lead management capabilities—by program type, lead source, and promotions. Seamlessly track lead-to-revenue to measure marketing ROI of lead generation programs.

Campaign and Email Management

Create, executive and measure highly effective marketing campaigns. Manage end-to-end mass email campaigns, including database management, target list creation, email personalisation, and SPAM-compliant auto-unsubscribe capabilities.

Website Search Engine Optimisation

Make it easy for prospects to find you online early and convert them to opportunities quicker with SEO-optimised pages. Increase search marketing ranking results for dynamically generated web pages.

Landing Page and Forms

Quickly and simply create landing pages with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Build professional templates to create a reusable look and feel. Form submission immediately generates leads in the CRM system for timely sales follow up.

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NetSuite provides comprehensive sales, service and marketing capabilities.
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NetSuite helps Hong Kong consumer electronics wholesale double sales and cut costs.
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