NetSuite's Energy-Saving SaaS Platform

NetSuite's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is an energy-saving alternative to traditional on-premise ERP and CRM software solutions. According to a recent sustainability impact study by Greenspace, by eliminating the need for on-premise hardware, NetSuite's centralised data center helps companies substantially reduce energy consumption and costs:

Reduced server room electricity consumption: NetSuite customers reduce their overall server room electric consumption by 99%, resulting in an average cost reduction of $10,300 per year
Total reduced costs: Between energy savings and reduced needs for software, hardware, maintenance, personnel and occupancy, NetSuite customers reduce their costs by as much as $100,000 per year
Reduced electricity consumption: NetSuite's approach saves the company and its more than 6,000 customers nearly 600 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year—equal to the average annual electricity consumption of 56,000 homes.
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As a result, our customers can overcome the environmental and capital costs of hardware deployments. They don't have to own and operate climate-controlled data centers full of servers that house their accounting, sales, inventory and ecommerce software systems. Nor do they need additional power and cooling to keep those data centers running at optimal efficiency—not to mention the additional costs of implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

The result? Companies not only save money, but become green in the process. That means an environmentally-friendly approach to software—less overall energy use, fewer emissions and smarter thinking about to manage technology.

It's environmental policy that pays a bottom-line dividend.

NetSuite's Environmental Benefits
The NetSuite SaaS platform eliminates the production of more than 423,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. That's equal to:

The CO2 emissions produced by the consumption of over 48 million gallons of gasoline
The CO2 emissions produced by the consumption of nearly 1 million barrels of oil
The yearly pollution caused by more than 77,000 automobiles.

Did You Know?
The federal government's economic stimulus package includes tax incentives to encourage energy efficiency. Click here for an overview of federal government rebate programs. Many state and municipal governments, such as California, offer incentive programs as well.

What Customers are Saying

ZENN Motor Company (
"After three years of using NetSuite, we are very pleased with its stability and with the technical support team, who always helps us out. With NetSuite, we're now emailing all our invoices, which saves us paper, toner, and the time and hassle of dealing with the printer. It really is helping our entire company become more efficient."

—Eb Russell, Manager of Business Development

Ozone Solutions (
"NetSuite has given us 100 percent electronic communications between our front-office operations and the back office, reducing 90 percent of our paper production and waste."

—Scott Postma, VP of Engineering at Ozone Solutions

Eco-Bags (
"Since using NetSuite, has grown exponentially by saving on cost and resources—and our business is all about reducing waste! The integrated platform of NetSuite helps us reduce the need to rely on multiple, unneeded systems. And with NetSuite all of our warehouses receive our orders electronically—making our business faster and more energy efficient. "

—Sharon Rowe, CEO, Eco-Bags

ProSoap (
"Not having servers on-site in Texas, where it can take a lot of air conditioning equipment to keep them at a cool temperature, is saving us a lot in energy costs. We also have become a virtually paperless office. Previously we were going through a ream of paper every two days. Now we go through one every three weeks. The only paper we go through is with customers who don't have a fax or email. "

—Billy Self, President, ProSoap



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