Inventory Management

Tighten Control of Inventory Management for
Greater Cost Efficiency

Keep your inventory in sync with your business—and your customers. NetSuite gives wholesale distributors an integrated solution to manage inventory faster, smarter and leaner throughout the inventory lifecycle.

The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition lets you monitor inventory status in real time, slash warehousing and shipping costs, and improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. You gain greater flexibility and control in each facet of inventory management with an industry-leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solution that integrates seamlessly with NetSuite applications for financials, CRM and more.


  • Tighten control over your full inventory lifecycle across multiple locations
  • Slash costs for procurement, warehousing, shipping and fulfillment
  • Maximize efficiency with demand-based stock replenishment
  • Boost customer satisfaction by eliminating stock-outs and speeding deliveries
  • Streamline shipping through prebuilt integration with UPS®, FedEx®, and USPS®
  • Achieve real-time visibility into the location and status of each item
  • Track and manage key indicators such as shipping costs, delivery performance and more
  • Continuously monitor and improve performance with real-time dashboards and analytics
  • Automatically calculate lead time and reorder points based on business´┐Ż historical demand data and purchase order receiving history in order to have the optimal inventory level available in stock or in the warehouse.

Key Features

  • Demand-based Inventory Replenishment

    • Reduce lag time with real-time alerts when stock falls to predefined thresholds
    • Dynamically manage reorder points and preferred stock levels
    • Eliminate "stock-outs" to maintain continuity and customer satisfaction
    • Boost efficiency of demand planning, logistics, and warehousing
    • Geographically optimise distribution by matching item and customer location.
  • Bin Management

    • Organise warehouse bins to track the exact location of inventory items
    • Accelerate order execution and fulfillment and stock replenishment
    • Store items in multiple bins, or different items in the same bin
    • Streamline restocking and generate put-away lists for goods received
    • Organise single or multiple warehouses with multi-location inventory features.
  • Landed Cost and Margin Management

    • Improve cost management and profitability by automatically calculating landed cost
    • Allocate expenses to inventory receipts according to weight, value and quantity
    • Refine profitability forecasts by comparing revenue to landed cost, not just material cost
    • Flexibly assign different pricing based on customers, channels and locations
    • Automatically generate correct currency, rate and pricing for foreign customers.
  • Multiple Units of Measure

    • Seamlessly leverage multiple units of measure for buying, selling and costing
    • Manage unit measurement across your website, retail stores, and partner channels
    • Improve invoicing accuracy by using and validating correct unit measurement
    • Validate purchase order costing by matching deliveries to vendor requirements.
  • Serial and Lot Number Tracking

    • Track end-to-end product history, from origin, present location and destination
    • Fine-tune cost and profitability management with serial- or lot-specific costing
    • Enhance customer service by equipping agents with serial number and lot data
    • Assign and track expiration dates to improve handling of time-sensitive items.
  • Support for Matrix Items

    • Manage various combinations (e.g., size or color) of the same item in a single matrix
    • Simplify pricing, inventory status, and description management of matrix items
    • Enable customers and sales representatives to quickly identify item combinations
    • Integrate matrix items into your NetSuite ecommerce website to simplify selection and purchasing.

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