Professional Services Automation

Streamline Services Operations to Improve Profitability, Utilisation, Project Margins and Visibility

NetSuite OpenAir Professional Services Automation (PSA) is the gold standard for services organisations looking to automate, streamline and increase project margins and profitability. NetSuite provides the most advanced, 100% cloud-based PSA with complete support for even the most complex services organisations.


  • Streamlined operations with real-time global access to central reporting and metrics enables you to increase profitability and utilisation rates, expedite cash flow, manage projects more effectively and minimise administrative overhead
  • Visibility into all aspects of your business, including resources, projects, forecasts and KPIs to assist in informed, accurate decision-making
  • Supports the way your services teams work—on the road, between meetings, and on client sites—with online, offline and mobile access
  • Centralisation of global and multi-office organisations by supporting the unique requirements of multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-taxation and multi-subsidiary services organisations
  • Integrates with your existing CRM, ERP, HR and other systems to preserve your investments while streamlining the entire quote-to-cash cycle and heightening visibility

Professional services automation solutions are proven to:

  • Improve revenue growth by 50%-70%
  • Increase average revenue per consultant by up to 20%
  • Increase project margins by up to 15%
  • Decrease project cancellation rates by up to 40%
  • Increase EBITDA by more than 165%
  • Increase average billable rates up to 10%

Key Features

  • Increase project margins by up to 15% with automated project management
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      • Deliver projects on time and within budget and easily forecast how changes will impact outcomes
      • Drive project management efficiency with reusable project templates, assigning resources and the project or task level, and integration with Microsoft Project
      • Gain unprecedented visibility into project performance with access to project plans, project status and customisable, graphical dashboards

  • Increase annual revenue per consultant by more than 20% with complete resource management
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      • Gain complete visibility into resource utilisation, skills profiles, staffing and more
      • Accurately forecast staffing requirements to improve utilisation and billing rates while reducing dependence on contractors, and receive alerts when challenges are on the horison
      • Reduce dependence on spreadsheets with centralised, up-to-date, searchable skills tracking and resource management
      • Streamline resource request and booking processes with customisable workflows, calendar integrations and automated email notifications
      • Proactively manage a global resource pool to optimise available skill sets and project teams, regardless of location

  • Drive 48% higher revenue growth with streamlined project accounting
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      • Improve cash flow by improving the accuracy and timeliness of invoices
      • Automate project invoicing for billable work and expenses based on customer or project-specific requirements
      • Monitor project profitability and report on results to gain real-time visibility into health of projects
      • Manage project accounting and invoicing across the globe with multi-currency and multi-tax support
      • Automate project-level revenue recognition processes according to your organisation’s unique schedules and requirements

  • Improve accuracy and workflows with centralised timesheet management
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      • Accelerate timesheet entry with anytime, anywhere access via online, offline and mobile apps
      • Track and allocate hours worked directly to tasks or projects, streamlining the project management and project accounting processes
      • Customise approval processes to match your unique business, project or client-specific requirements
      • Allocate control to users with self-service tracking of timesheet status and approvals, including PTO, vacation and leave time

  • Expedite expense management and reimbursement cycles
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      • Improve accuracy and timeliness of expense management with anytime, anywhere access via online, offline and mobile apps
      • Eliminate double entry of expense data by integrating with virtually any ERP or accounting system
      • Customise approval workflows to meet your business needs or unique client or project-specific requirements
      • Support global projects and client rosters by managing expenses in any currency, allowing you to invoice expense in the local, corporate, or project-specific currency

  • Increase visibility into the business by 15% with professional services dashboards and reporting
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      • Gain real-time visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs), including project performance, resource utilisation, financial, billing and resource forecasting, project accounting, timesheet and expenses and backlogs
      • Move away from time spent in spreadsheets with web-based reporting and dashboards
      • Reduce time spent searching for information, KPIs and metrics with role-based dashboards
      • Improve collaboration across teams by ensuring that everyone has access to the right information at the right time

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